I have gotten into a habit, not sure if it is good or bad, but a habit nonetheless. I am thinking this habit is good, possibly a little weird, and one that I am afraid of getting annoying. I have gotten into the habit of saying “Thank you,” after a sexual encounter.

I got into this habit with Will. Since Will was not a very sexual person, I would thank him anytime things got sexual. I would even thank him when I did all the work (by sucking him off).

At first he seemed really turned off by me thanking him, feeling like he was abusing me (he actually said it like that). I explained that this was not the case at all, and that the reason I thanked him was because I wanted to show my appreciation for his sexual mood. He accepted that explanation, and began to thank me afterwards as well.

Even after Will I still thank my partner for sexual encounters. The two times I got with Toby after the break up I ended up thanking him. He thought he was king shit afterwards. With him, it was definitely not the case. It was just a habit, me thanking him.

However, when I got with D, it was definitely more than habit. I really was truly thankful that I had another chance to get with him, and glad that we weren’t as limited as we were the first time we hooked up in the woods outside our school.

After a couple times of saying “thanks,” he said that I didn’t have to thank him. I ended up apologizing, and explained the habit. We left it at that.

So really, I don’t know if this is a good or bad habit. It is polite at least, but I am not sure if its something I should break myself of or what. I really don’t mind thanking the other person for sex, but I certainly don’t thank myself for masturbating. That might be pushing the weirdness a bit.

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