I got back to Leah’s apartment, where her and The T were waiting. I cuddled with The T a bit, before heading into the bathroom to change into my sexy clothes. I wore my yellow negligee with a black thong. They both told me how sexy I looked. The T and I made out for a bit, then we went to Leah’s room. Leah stayed in the living room to finish watching her show.

Things were a little awkward at first, so we started slow by just kissing with some heavy petting. Once I felt comfortable, The T and I got naked. I had never put on a condom before, so he had me do it. I fumbled a bit, but finally I got it.

I wasn’t really wet enough, so he decided to go down on me. It felt good, but not quite good enough. Luckily though, that made me wet enough. He slid his cock in slowly, riding on top of me. We kept this position for a bit, until he wanted to fuck me doggy style.

I had a problem keeping my ass higher than my head, but eventually we had the right position. We decided to get the bullet out, to try and make me cum. That is when Leah came in to join us. Before I got the bullet onto my now dripping wet pussy, she asked to go down on me. I said sure, and opened my legs once more.

Unfortunately, she did not last long down there because all she could taste was condom lube. I did not blame her one bit, so I went down on her instead. She was the first girl I went down on, and I hope she won’t be the last. I did just as I had always imagined myself doing with a girl, and slowly traced my tongue all along the pussy lips, then around the clit. She moaned, telling me I was doing it just right, but it would not make her cum. She had me stop so that The T and I could continue and she could use her vibrator.

The T had me put on a fresh condom and told me to climb on top. It was my first time on top, so the positioning was very awkward at first. Eventually I had a good hythm going, where I gripped the top of the head board and he used his hips to move me up and down. Sadly, just when I was really enjoying that position, I got a bad cramp in my hip, so we switched to him on top.

This time I had my bullet ready, and I got it on my clit while he fucked me. Leah stopped what she was doing with her vibe to encourage me to cum.

“Oh God, Leah, shes so close, shes so tight,” The T moaned.

“Ooo, I can tell shes close, by her breathing,” Leah said.

The truth was, I was close, but not close enough. The pressure of needing to cum was building, physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, the emotional pressure to cum outweighed the physical. Leah was so excited that I was gonna cum, I could not disappoint her. I started making the sounds I make when orgasming, and flexing my pussy around The T’s cock. They both encouraged me while I was cumming, and talking dirty to me. After a few seconds, I slowed down on the moaning and relaxed.
After I “came,” Leah went back to the living room to watch another show of hers. Once she was out of hearing distance, The T asked the dreaded question.

“You didn’t really finish, did you?”

I decided to be honest. “No, she was pressuring me so much I just couldn’t. I lost the closeness I had to cumming,” I said to him quietly.

“I understand completely, and thank you for being honest,” he said back.

That was the only time I faked my orgasm. I never really saw the point in faking. I think that if you fake an orgasm with someone, they think they are doing something right, and will never really know how to get you off. The only reason I faked this time was to not disappoint my hostess, who I knew we would never be hooking up again. I was glad The T was so understanding.

We ended up putting on a fresh condom so that he could at least have his orgasm. Leah was right, it was good sex with him. It was easy to turn down Toby after fucking The T. The T and I never got together again, unfortunately, because Leah decided she did not want to share him anymore. She was apparently jealous to see me fucking her “best friend.”

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  1. neroblogshere@gmail.com

    So SO true!!!!
    “I think that if you fake an orgasm with someone, they think they are doing something right, and will never really know how to get you off.”

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