I really like having sex with D. My only problem is that his cock is just so damn big. Ever since my rip with Toby, my vagina has ripped every time I have sex with D.

I am not sure on what to do. I definitely don’t want to stop having sex with him. Maybe I should try a different position? I doubt the doctor could do anything, and they will probably just tell me not to have sex.

Sex used to feel amazing to me, but now it is almost painful. I hate very much to say it, but I am almost glad when it is over, because my vagina hurts at first entry. After the initial pain of it tearing again is over, it starts to feel good again, but not as good as it used to be without the rip.

Update: Despite all that, even though I ripped, sex actually started to feel good again the last time I had sex with D. I am not sure what the difference was, since we were pretty much in the same position. Oh well. I figure for now, I will just deal with the rip. It seems to heal faster every time.

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