February 2012


Everytime I have sex with D, I think I come closer and closer to having an orgasm, whether it’s vaginal or gspot, I am not sure. This past Friday was no exception. Sitting against D, he whispers in my ear how good I smell. I thank him, and he replies with another whisper, “Wanna go back in my room and fuck?” he asks. “Hell yes!” I eagerly respond. We both… Read More »Closer

Open Relationships

I have become fascinated with the idea of open relationships. I am finding out that they are more common than not (I found out 2 coworkers that I know are participating in them, and there could be more). Several blogs I read have writers that are in open relationships. I personally think that I could not be in one. I hate the idea of sharing my guy. I have some… Read More »Open Relationships


Something I have found amusing is the fact that I found it too personal to mention a guy’s foreskin (if he had any). This is a sex blog, so it shouldn’t matter. I think I only mentioned foreskin once, and it was when I was playing around with Forbidden Fruit’s cock. D asked me a few weeks ago how much experience I have had with foreskin. I told him not… Read More »Foreskin

Update: A Little Bit of Everything

I apologize for my lack of posting. I really have no excuse, other than pure laziness (and lack of motivation). I have plenty of ideas noted to write about, so it wasn’t a lack of things to write about. I admit, I was mostly unmotivated because I was thinking “what’s the point, no one reads?” but then I checked my site counter, and it seems I had a lot of… Read More »Update: A Little Bit of Everything

Sexy, Beautiful, Naughty

I feel sexy when I get complimented wearing my negligees. I feel sexy when I am in the mood and I see myself in the mirror wearing one. I feel sexy when I see it hugging and slimming all the right curves. I feel beautiful when I feel hands exploring my body, admiring me, ┬átouching me, feeling me, knowing me, kissing me. I feel sexy and beautiful when I get… Read More »Sexy, Beautiful, Naughty


I never really minded hickeys. I don’t think I got my first one until I was 18, and before that I always thought they looked painful. So much the opposite I found out. I am always slightly embarrassed when I get them, but the rest of me is kind of proud. I always would try to hide them, but enjoyed the attention I got when friends and coworkers discovered them.… Read More »Hickeys

Mount’n Dew

“What would you like to drink?” D texted as we were making plans to hang out the next night, this time at his place. “Mount n dew me, please,” I texted back. There was definitely a double meaning there. I wanted to drink mountain dew, and I wanted him to do me. “Can do,” he replied, with a wink. The next night I arrived right on time, met his room… Read More »Mount’n Dew

One Last Boorah

I normally never loan my movies out, yet stupidly I let Toby borrow some DVDs over a month ago. I kept asking for them back, but he always conveniently forgot whenever he said he planned to drop them off. I started to think I would never see them again, until the other night he actually remembered. The night before he dropped them off, he kept texting me, asking how far… Read More »One Last Boorah

Turn Ons

I have decided to make a list of things that make me turned on, things to make my body respond. The list is in no particular order, as I typed them as they came to mind. – My neck being kissed/nibbled on – Bottom of ear lobe sucked on/lightly nibbled on – Hands running over my body, particularly my back and thighs – The idea of aiming a guys dick… Read More »Turn Ons