Turn Ons

I have decided to make a list of things that make me turned on, things to make my body respond. The list is in no particular order, as I typed them as they came to mind.

– My neck being kissed/nibbled on
– Bottom of ear lobe sucked on/lightly nibbled on
– Hands running over my body, particularly my back and thighs
– The idea of aiming a guys dick while he pisses
– My bottom lip being sucked on
– My fingers sucked on. The feeling tends to make my clit throb
– Being told what his cock is going to do with me
– Morning wood (or any boner really) gets me very hot
– Hearing a guy moan in pleasure
– Hearing a guy tell me he’s cumming during sex or oral, etc
– My neck being sucked on
– Watching/helping a guys dick get hard
– Watching a guy shoot his load

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