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One Last Boorah

I normally never loan my movies out, yet stupidly I let Toby borrow some DVDs over a month ago. I kept asking for them back, but he always conveniently forgot whenever he said he planned to drop them off. I started to think I would never see them again, until the other night he actually remembered.

The night before he dropped them off, he kept texting me, asking how far things could go. I told him nothing sexual. He was disappointed, but he kept pushing, asking for specifics. I finally agreed to breast play, kissing and cuddling. I didn’t want any of those, but I figured that was the only way to get my movies back.

I was surprised when he showed up and handed me my movies. We stood there talking, until I got tired of standing and went to go sit on my bed. He sat with me.

Randomly, he asked me if I was ticklish. I answered yes and moved my foot out of his reach. He seemed to have taken that as a sign and reached out to tickle my leg. I kicked and he pinned me down. I was laughing by this time, and he was laughing too, asking how ticklish I really was.

My most ticklish spots are my sides, feet, and underarms. He found them of course. I was laughing so much it was getting hard to breath. My body gave up the struggle and I just relaxed, giggling. He pulled himself closer and kissed me.

I have to say, he has the bottom lip sucking down, but everything else was bad. His breath was stale, and he seemed to produce too much saliva, if that makes any sense. I went with it anyway, and kissed him back.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he took off my shirt, checking out my piercings. He felt my up a bit, kissing me some more.

He then ran his hands around my back, which automatically began to itch. I asked him to scrath. He said he would if I gave him a back massage after. I am a sucker for having my back scratched, so I agreed. He scratched, and it felt great.

He then told me to lay down on my stomach. When I was down, he gave me a back massage. It had been years since someone had given me a massage. Will was never really into massages, nor were my fuck buddies. Ex #4 was the only one who really tried.

He rubbed deep into my muscles, loosening them up from all my stress I have been under. Sometimes he went a little too deep, and I told him not to rub so deep. He made some kind of sexual reference that I ignored. I think it was something like “You don’t know what deep is, do you?” Like I said, i ignored him, while all the time thinking how deep D can get into me without even trying. Those thoughts got me wishing he was here instead, because then I could have sex. Sure, Toby wanted to fuck me, but it wasn’t happening. I wasn’t that desperate.

Anyways, when he was done massaging my back, he switched places with me. My back felt like butter, it was so relaxed. I gave him his massage he wanted, and several times I had to make sure he was still awake. He said it was very relaxing.

Massaging him brought back memories from high school and junior high, where I used to give my friends and family massages all the time. I used to want to be a masseuse, but my parents kind of killed that dream by not being very supportive.

After I was done, I put my shirt back on because I was cold. He tried to take it off again, but I wouldn’t let him. He started tickling me again, trying to get under my shirt. He kissed me again, then said that he didn’t want to over stay his welcome, and left. Just like that. For only the second time out of how many times we hung out, I actually enjoyed being around him.

The horn dog in me almost wished I had decided to have sex, since I didn’t get any when D was over the night before, but the bigger part of me was glad i resisted. I went to work that night and got several messages typed and erased asking D to come over and fuck me after he got off work the next night, but chickened out with each one and deleted them.

I know I won’t be getting any this week, as I am moving on Wednesday. I believe this post is scheduled for Thursday, though. Anyways, I may not be able to post much, but I will try. Until next time…

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