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It’s been over two weeks since I last got any action. I kind of got used to getting laid by D every week. Unfortunately the last time we hung out, neither of us were much in the mood. We did not hang out this weekend because I was moving. Heh, at least our last romp in my apartment was memorable.

Lately, I have been having sex dreams. As I write this, I have had 4 in the last two nights, three of them in the same night, one right after the other.

The other morning Will helped me move my bed and dresser to the new place. As he was giving me a hug goodbye, he told me he missed giving me bear hugs, then proceeded to give me one. I miss his bear hugs too, damnit, but he’s the one that threw it all away. I just told him I missed them too and hugged tighter. In a way it was nice to hear, but it hurt me more I think.

That night when I was sleeping, the dreams began. The first dream I had was about Will. Honestly, I kind of dread dreams about him because they are always of us getting back together. I am happy in the dream, but when I wake up I feel more alone than ever. Anyways, in the dream, as he hugged me goodbye, he said he missed me, missed us. We kissed, and ended up going back to the empty apartment to make love. Then I woke up.

The next night I had pretty much the same dream, only this time we were hanging out at his place. We were drinking, just chatting. He started to get a bit tipsy and told me he still loved me. We made out, and just as things started to get heavy, he pulled himself away and told me he couldn’t do that while he was drunk. I woke up then, incredibly horny.

Not soon after, I fell back asleep and had a dream about D and I hooking up. It was my last night in my apartment and we wanted to make the best of it. It was hot, as usual. It was also very animalistic, with me riding on top. In this dream however, we were also more than friends.

As soon as that dream ended, I had another dream in which I was at home and dry humping my floor, chairs, and bed. I was excited in the dream because I was not using a vibrator and was about to get off.

My clit was burning with the building climax. In the dream, Someone showed up and tried to help. The pressure built even more and I felt so close. Until I woke up and had to piss like a racehorse. I wonder, if I had came in the dream, if I would have pissed my bed or had my first dreaming orgasm. Either way would have been a wet dream, pun intended.

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