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“What would you like to drink?” D texted as we were making plans to hang out the next night, this time at his place.

“Mount n dew me, please,” I texted back. There was definitely a double meaning there. I wanted to drink mountain dew, and I wanted him to do me.

“Can do,” he replied, with a wink.

The next night I arrived right on time, met his room mate and got the grand tour of the place. We ate dinner (he cooked roast and potatoes in the crock pot). It was delicious.

We all chatted for a bit, until D pounced on his room mate (who was sitting on his bed in the living room). We all got into a tickle fight, his room mate (who I will call Brad) being the one being tickled.

When Brad couldn’t take it anymore, we all calmed down and settled to watch some shows on Netflix. I made myself at home by sitting up next to Brad along his headboard. D turned out the lights and we all sat back and relaxed.

At one point during the show, one of the characters said something about doing things to unsuspecting people in the dark. I looked at Brad, grinned, and said “Like tickling!” and attempted to tickle him. He grabbed my hand and held it down. We ended up holding hands, with him eventually snuggling up next to me. It was nice.

After a few episodes, D came over and sat with us. He attempted to harrass Brad, but Brad stopped him. I rested my right leg on D’s lap, with my left leg behind him. He began rubbing my foot, travelling up my leg, eventually rubbing the inside seam of my crotch. My breathing got heavier.

Brad snuggled up closer and began rubbing his hand all over my cheeks, neck, and chest. I just laid back and relaxed, no longer paying attention to the show.

Brad began kissing the side of my face, while D situated himself between my legs, kissing and nibbling up my legs, to my inner thighs, the rubbing of my crotch getting heavier, along with my breathing.

Brad had me sit up and began to take of my shirt. D went for my pants. I was now only wearing my black lacy negligee. D and I kissed, then, Brad and I kissed. I reached up to unbutton D’s shirt. He got that wild, sexy look in his eyes that turns me on (I was already way turned on at this point. I could feel my wet pussy throb in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Brad got my tits over the built in bra cups and began sucking on my left tit while D went for my right. I reached out my hands and began to feel and rub their awaiting hard ons. While D was sucking on my tit, he moved the cloth of my underwear to the side and began fingering me, then rubbing my juices around my clit. I arched my back and Brad began kissing my neck and chest.

D got up to run to his room to get condoms. While D was getting condoms, Brad got his pants off, as well as his boxers. D came back and undid his pants, then slid off my thong. Brad took off my negligee. I was completely naked and the guys were just wearing shirts.

As D mounted me, I took Brad’s cock into my hand. I began (attempting) to jerk him off while D fucked me. They both felt good. It was such a turn on to have a dick in my hand while another was in my pussy. D and I kissed, and then he bent his head to whisper in my ear that he wanted me to suck him. I said okay and he pulled out.

I moved the pillows to the foot board and leaned against those. D took off his condom (green apple flavor I think) and I began to suck while Brad got his condom on. I helped him guide his cock into me while I suckled on D’s. It was hot; I was doing my two favorite things at once. I had cock in my pussy and mouth.

After Brad had his orgasm, D put on a fresh condom and climbed back on top of me. We kissed a lot more, and under his breath he whispered how hot I was that night. I thanked him and kissed him some more. D soon had his orgasm, and we all got dressed.

It was a great night, and I definitely hope it can happen again. Also, Because there were so many things going on in the heat of the moment, I feel like I have missed a lot of details. This may or may not be true. Either way, it was hot. Thank you D and Brad!

7 thoughts on “Mount’n Dew”

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  2. I love love LOVE being the guy at Mrs. AP’s head while she’s being fucked. The way she move when he thrusts, the way she sucks just a little harder, and the way she moans with her mouth full always has me falling over the edge in very short order. And D is right, it’s incredibly hot to watch.

    1. I think that was my favorite threesome. I was actually maybe a little too careful sucking D, afraid of my teeth, while Brad was fucking me. I would love to have another MMF threesome though.

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