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Something I have found amusing is the fact that I found it too personal to mention a guy’s foreskin (if he had any). This is a sex blog, so it shouldn’t matter. I think I only mentioned foreskin once, and it was when I was playing around with Forbidden Fruit’s cock.

D asked me a few weeks ago how much experience I have had with foreskin. I told him not much. He asked how many guys (besides him) that I have been with that had foreskin. I told him Forbidden Fruit, but I couldn’t remember who else had it. I think Forbidden Fruit’s best friend did, but I am really not sure.

Foreskin makes it easier (in my opinion) to give a guy hand. However, I always hesitate a second longer before giving head to an uncut guy. It might just be me, but I find it harder to put a condom on a guy with foreskin. I guess I am afraid of hurting him or something, I don’t know.

I asked my mom once if she would have had me circumcised if I was born a male. She said yes with no hesitation. She said it was cleaner to be cut than uncut. Before talking to D about all of this, I was not hesitating in giving the same answer about circumcising my son (if and when I have kids). However, now I am not so sure.

I was under the impression that the baby’s penis was numbed before circumcision. I was informed that no, they get nothing for pain. That is terrible. I definitely feel more open about leaving a penis uncut, though it will definitely be something to discuss with my partner when the time comes.

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