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Everytime I have sex with D, I think I come closer and closer to having an orgasm, whether it’s vaginal or gspot, I am not sure. This past Friday was no exception.

Sitting against D, he whispers in my ear how good I smell. I thank him, and he replies with another whisper, “Wanna go back in my room and fuck?” he asks. “Hell yes!” I eagerly respond.

We both jump up, and head to his room. As soon as his door was shut, his lips were on mine. As we make out, he gives me a gentle shove onto the bed. When I sit down, facing him, he pulls out his already hard cock. I wrap my left hand around the base, pulling his foreskin back, and put my mouth over the head to suck.

I run my tongue around the top, then the sides of his head. I lower more of my mouth onto his hardness and begin to suck. I love the sounds he makes. As I suck, I wrap my right arm around his back and pull him closer.

After a few minutes, I took my mouth off of him to catch a breath and he lowered the rest of me onto the bed and undid my pants. I took off my shirt, revealing my pink and black negligee.

He got a condom on, put my legs over his shoulders, and guided himself in. Mmm, he felt so good, and I told him so. He started with slow thrusts of his cock in and out of my pussy, then got faster and harder.

After a wonderful few minutes, he pulled out and got on his back so that I could try being on top. I was nervous, but he was patient and told me to take my time. I kept fumbling with his cock, trying to get it in. Eventually I asked for help.

Once he was in, I slowly moved my body up and down. I had one knee on the bed and the other leg half standing, so there was a lot of room to move around. He began bucking his hips up and down. Honestly it felt better than when he was on top, because just then I felt a wave begin to take over my body, a feeling I get right before an orgasm. Unfortunately, he slowed down just as soon as I recognized the preorgasmic feeling.

I began moving my body up and down again, and he began moving his hips up and down again. That wonderful, teasing preorgasmic feeling came back. Just as I was about to say something, I got a really bad cramp where my right leg met my hip. I had to tell him about that instead.

We switched positions and he was back on top, pounding my pussy. Harder and faster, he pumped his cock into me, until he reached his climax. I didn’t orgasm this time, but at least now I know what to expect, and possibly have some toys ready to make the climax easier.

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