March 2012

Bedtime Story – Part 4

Nodding a little, Michelle concentrated, letting the glow sink over her and reveal the Venusaur. “So….” Shalina watched the change, still fascinated at how fusions work. “Good to see you again Orchid.” “You too.” Orchid put a hand on her shoulder, perhaps a bit more roughly than he thought. “Got any plans for the next few hours?” “Hmm, not really. Just letting what ever happens happen. No set plans. I… Read More »Bedtime Story – Part 4

Craigslist Ad

Well, I posted another Craigslist ad, in hopes of better results than last time. Maybe I sound a little bitchy and blunt, but I am sick of those shallow bastards that can’t handle a bigger girl. Here is the ad, what do you think? A little much, or just right? __________ Well, I tried this a few months ago, but didn’t have much success because people can’t seem to get… Read More »Craigslist Ad

Bedtime Story – Part 3

Keiki’s head tilted lightly, as if noticing an odd scent in the air, before he doused the fire, opened up the tent flap, and crawled inside, curling up along the outside wall. Shalina followed inside, stomach still going crazy with what she would call a nervous excitement. She curled up along the opposite wall, not sure what to do. The obvious answer was to sleep, but her mind was going… Read More »Bedtime Story – Part 3


So, there is this amazingly gorgeous, hot, and single guy at work. We kinda talk, joke around. Recently he discovered how jumpy I am, so he always takes up on the opportunity to scare me. I really want to ask him to hang out. Maybe play some video games, watch a movie, or something else that’s casual (hehe, but you know I just want in his pants). I want to… Read More »Insecure

Quitting While Ahead

I had plans of masturbating for a while, but just never got around to it. Finally, before bed that morning I was able to get around to it. I decided to use something for insertion this time. I opened my toy drawer with intentions of grabbing a glass one, but grabbed non-vibrating Lelo instead. I went to clean it off in the bathroom sink before sliding it into my already… Read More »Quitting While Ahead

What Attracts Me

Thinking about my past relationships and the type I seem to have been attracted to, I realized what turns me on most about a guy. I seem to always go for the inexperienced guys when it comes to relationships. There are two reasons I can see this being true. My main reason for liking inexperienced guys is that they have been with few to zero people. I like this because… Read More »What Attracts Me

Bedtime Story – Part 2

She wanted him. It had only been an hour since their climax, but she wanted more, needed to be filled again. She felt her lady parts turn hot and swell with need. Speaking of need, she could tell from the stiffness poking her backside that he needed more too. Slipping back out of her had nearly set him off again, and with the weakness in his muscles he’d left himself… Read More »Bedtime Story – Part 2

Bedtime Story – Part 1

When Will and I were together, he had a thing for furry stuff, which eventually turned into a sexual hang up for him. He could not be turned on mentally unless he pictured furry/pokemon type scenes, instead of being turned on by me alone. I helped fix that by cybering (before we moved in together) with him and after we moved in together, we would each take turns writing a… Read More »Bedtime Story – Part 1

The Search

I think the time has come to search for a new fuck buddy. Not really to replace D, as I still definitely want to keep fucking him, but as a back up since D has been a little preoccupied lately and I don’t know when he will want to hang out again. I am trying to stay positive and not think paranoid thoughts. I REALLY want to get laid. I… Read More »The Search


I always get nervous when I think about being naked in front of someone for the first time. As one of my exes always said, the scariest thing is being naked in front of someone for the first time. For me, it doesn’t matter who it is, I get nervous. However, once they have seen me, it’s fine. I am learning to not be so self conscious around people. I… Read More »Nervous