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The worst feeling is wondering when I will meet someone new. I hate not knowing. It could be today, next week, a month from now, a year from now. It could also be many years from now, even never.

My room mate had me make an account with I hate it so far. I paid $120 for six months and it is a huge waste of money. I get more and more discouraged each day they send me my “new matches.” They aren’t matches. They are far from it.

So far all the guys atop have seen on there are looking for someone athletic and toned, slim, average, or curvy. Very few are interested in big and beautiful. Hell, even the ones that do list big and beautiful never responded. Shallow bastards.

There are benefits to being single, but I feel there are more benefits being in a relationship. Sure, I can play around all I want while single, and try things I wouldn’t think of doing with a boyfriend (threesomes), but I miss having someone to share my day with, share my deepest desires and fears with.

I want to experience sex in a relationship. I got a sneak peak with Will, but I want to have a lot more sex than what Will was into. I apologize if I am repeating myself, as I just realized a lot of this sounds like a previous post.

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