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I always get nervous when I think about being naked in front of someone for the first time. As one of my exes always said, the scariest thing is being naked in front of someone for the first time. For me, it doesn’t matter who it is, I get nervous. However, once they have seen me, it’s fine.

I am learning to not be so self conscious around people. I am fat, and am learning to accept that. When I am ready emotionally, I will go back to dieting seriously. There is no hope for me to succeed if I am not ready emotionally. I am getting the mindset that if I am gonna be judged by the person I am naked with, they wouldn’t be there in the first place.

Anyways, back to the point of this post. There is a couple at work that I am talking to (the wife mainly). I recently learned how sexual they are. And they love threesomes. The wife (who I will call Tori) thinks I need a sex makeover. A chance to have just pure, great sex, with an orgasm. She’s pretty confident they can change my ‘problem.’

She decided that I needed one when I told her I couldn’t cum without a vibe, Toby was a terrible screw, Will was never in the mood, and I rip every time with D. I like the idea of a threesome with them very much. She wants to get to know me first though, (which I totally understand).

I hung out with them today for the first time outside of work and we got along great. We went to the movies, and after went back to their house where she cooked dinner and did my nails. I had a blast. Heh, she even put on a couple of her sexy bustiers for me to see. They were hot.

The whole time I was there I tried picturing us doing things. I can definitely see the potential, especially since at one point her husband said that he wanted to play with pierced nipples. I don’t know if she told him or not about mine.

Every time I tried picturing the three of us, I got nervous at the idea of being naked in front of them. It’s just the fact that it’s someone new. It’s an excited type of nervous.

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