The Search

I think the time has come to search for a new fuck buddy. Not really to replace D, as I still definitely want to keep fucking him, but as a back up since D has been a little preoccupied lately and I don’t know when he will want to hang out again. I am trying to stay positive and not think paranoid thoughts.

I REALLY want to get laid. I kind of like the idea of doing it with someone new, if I can’t do it with D. There is something always so invigorating about doing someone new.

As I have said before, I would definitely prefer a relationship over a fuck buddy, but I will take what I can get. It seems that all the relationship guys are in one already, and everyone else is either not interested or just want sex.

There are several guys that I have shown interest in at work, but they are either openly not interested or are completely oblivious. I wish there was a way to openly search for a fuck buddy at work, like go up and say “Hey, want to come over to my place after work and fuck?” without the rumor mill starting, or me sounding like a desperate hoe. As you may guess, these guys are all in the same department, security. Ex#4, Toby, and Will are all in security.

I decided to bite the bullet and made an account on adult friend finder, but once I started searching, discovered that it is a site that needs money to interact.

The other day, I also texted Forbidden Fruit and asked if his best friend (that I had a one afternoon stand with) was still single. Forbidden Fruit replied with a no. Damn, do much for that idea. So now it’s back to square one.

There will definitely be an update if anything new arises. That’s what this blogs about, right? 😉

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