Bedtime Story – Part 1

When Will and I were together, he had a thing for furry stuff, which eventually turned into a sexual hang up for him. He could not be turned on mentally unless he pictured furry/pokemon type scenes, instead of being turned on by me alone. I helped fix that by cybering (before we moved in together) with him and after we moved in together, we would each take turns writing a scene on my phone as we lay in bed together. That usually got him in the mood. I have his permission to post these. Since I have run out of things that I want to write about, here they are. This is part one. I believe there are five. Keep in mind the basic setting if furry/pokemon type, and a few were done on a MUCK client called Pokemon Fusion (Pokemon fuse with human). I hate that place for other reasons, but like the few stories we made.


It had been some time since his sweetheart had been truly his, some time since his coils had held her helpless in the grass, either hand gripping a pillowy breast, leaving her room to breathe and struggle but not escape, fangs poised against her neck from above…

She loved it when he held her down like this, loved being dominated by him. Hell, she just loved him and gave herself completely to him. As he held the tiger bitch down she wrapped her back paws around him, pulling them closer together.

“Gods you’re hot, girl,” he had hissed, sure to let his tongue tickle through and beneath her neck fur. He’d shifted to slide his body fully along her back, his textured scales rubbing from along her belly to beneath her tail, obviously trying to tease and warm her up. All the while he’d held that same slight grin, drunk with the power she allowed him.

She loved it when he teased her like this. It never failed to make her ready for him in seconds. She loved the thrill of having him there so close to her, not knowing what he was gonna do next, or how far he would take it. Sometimes he gave her just enough tease to make her want him more, but most of the time he followed through with what he started. She wanted him, was ready for him. She moaned with pleasure and need. “Please,” she said, “I need you inside me soon. I don’t know how much more I can take. It’s been so long, and too long at that.”

Hearing her moans, her need, he grinned wider, tightening his coils a bit, then relaxing them, revealing that his need had grown just as much, pressing against the base of her tail, sliding along her bare skin. “How badly…?” he rumbled, though they both knew it was too late to put it off any longer, and with a sharp grunt and tight coil, he pressed himself deep, closing his eyes and reveling in the beginnings of feelings they’d both gone too far without.

The instant he slid inside her was the instant her body gave way completely. She melted around him and tightened around him. She flexed a few times, giving him a gentle squeezing tease. “Oh, yes, right there,” she moaned as she thrust her hips upward to take even more of him in.

He allowed himself a deep moan, eyes half-closing as his fingers, coils, and maleness took deep purchase, letting himself embrace being laid so bare in his brutal dominance of his tiger bitch, quickly fitting his body flush to hers. At her movements he released his grip a bit, allowing her to work him so, enjoying how her body could make him feel again after so long.

She began a rhythmic grinding of her hips, moaning each time he went deeper inside. It was amazing how fully satisfied he made her, inside and out.

Soon he laid almost completely still, testing her strength, groaning with the tight grip around his power, heat rising quickly. With how long it had been, he wouldn’t need much. “Gods, I’d forgotten…” He shifted, dragging his muzzle against her chin, groaning into her throat, needing this hold.

“Mmmm, you feel so good,” she moaned softly. She could feel the pressure deep inside her building, and she knew it wouldn’t take much longer for her to reach climax.

Unable to keep himself from flexing against her strength the serpent renewed his grip with a loud grunt, closing his eyes and twisting himself to thrust again into her, shaft straining to contain the building pressure. “Ahh… Can’t hold it… any longer…!” he groaned, unable to resist the full, powerful wrench of his entire body as he gave in and bit down on her neck, thick seed shooting against her eggs.

At his thrust she wrapped her front paws around his back, being careful of her claws. Tilting her neck to the side to welcome his love nip, she let out a deep moan. Her body had reached its full climax as she tightened her grip around his filling manhood.

For a moment they were completely alone save to each other, their bodies tightened around each other as their peaks mingled into a moment of bliss for them both. He seemed to relax first, trembling softly, keeping his eyes closed, hands gripping her shoulders. “Mmh, mm…


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