Bedtime Story – Part 2

She wanted him. It had only been an hour since their climax, but she wanted more, needed to be filled again. She felt her lady parts turn hot and swell with need. Speaking of need, she could tell from the stiffness poking her backside that he needed more too.

Slipping back out of her had nearly set him off again, and with the weakness in his muscles he’d left himself just as vulnerable. With her fur slowly sliding over his length with just the movement it took to breathe, he shivered, poking her again, breathing shallowly. “So… hot,” he murmured, wrapping arms around her from behind, carefully angling himself to slide back in with a deep rumble. “If we’re not careful we’ll be at it ’till daybreak,” he half-joked.

“Mmm, you make it sound like that’s a bad thing, and that my love, is where I would have to disagree.” she announced teasingly. She rolled herself over so that she could kiss him, smile at him, and kiss him more. While kissing, she reached her right paw under the covers and began stroking his ever hard maleness.

“Mmh… These are good plans,” he moaned lightly, her grip quickly returning him to full strength, lightly sliding against it, kissing her right back, breath heavy.

“Mmm, glad we agree. Now, how would you like it?” She asked, grinning mischievously, giving him a feel of all three. First gently stroking his cock, then carefully taking it into her mouth and massaging the tip with her tongue. Lastly, she rubbed it near her aching and waiting lady parts. Oh, she wanted to suck him, to taste his seed, but she wanted him to choose.

He laid still as she moved, rumbling as she tested him, length twitching with each touch, bucking lightly from each. “Ooh… I think… you suckling it,” he concluded, curling to hug her from behind yet keep himself offered, stiff and lightly flexing with need.

“Ooo, good choice my love,” she said softly as she scooted down further to better situate herself for her favorite task at hand (er, mouth). She got a light grip on his lower shaft and bent her head down onto his quivering member, giving the tip a teasing flick with her tongue, then circling it to get it nice and wet.

He shivered, between grasp and lick, body warming up quickly, need growing. For a moment he tried to curl fully around, using his serpentine shape, then at one brush found himself sprawled out, murring deeply and trying not to buck too hard, a shot of pre rewarding her efforts. “Mmm…”

Once his throbbing tip was nice and wet, she slowly took it, inch by inch, deeper into her mouth. As it slid deeper, she sucked the tip and swirled her tongue around the shaft and head, giving him a satisfying tease.

One hand reached to her shoulder as he tensed up along his body, closing his eyes tightly. “Mmmmm, so hot…” he murmured, lightly sliding himself against her attentions, pre flowing more with the tease as he inhaled sharply.

“Ooo, you have such a nice cock,” she breathed to him. Firming her left paw’s grip on his lower shaft only slightly, she began slowly bobbing her head up and down the rest of his hardness. Slowly and steadily she increased her pace, building a rhythm for herself.

He found himself panting, gripping her shoulder tightly as he tensed, eyes tightly shut, body pulsing and flexing until the teases allowed him to break through. “Ghh, that’s it love… Ah!” He struggled to hold still as he peaked, filling her mouth with his thick seed.

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