What Attracts Me

Thinking about my past relationships and the type I seem to have been attracted to, I realized what turns me on most about a guy. I seem to always go for the inexperienced guys when it comes to relationships. There are two reasons I can see this being true.

My main reason for liking inexperienced guys is that they have been with few to zero people. I like this because I can be pretty sure they are clean and disease free. I like that I can teach them, especially if I am their first. We can learn together what feels good to them.

Another reason I like inexperienced guys is because of my jealousy issues. (yes, I know that’s lame to admit). I hate competition. What if the girls before me were better in his eyes? My self conscious worries that they were prettier or skinnier than me. I like being their first, because it makes me even more motivated to make what we do great for them.

Give me some love.

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