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Bedtime Story – Part 3

Keiki’s head tilted lightly, as if noticing an odd scent in the air, before he doused the fire, opened up the tent flap, and crawled inside, curling up along the outside wall.

Shalina followed inside, stomach still going crazy with what she would call a nervous excitement. She curled up along the opposite wall, not sure what to do. The obvious answer was to sleep, but her mind was going crazy with images of things she never thought of before.

“Feeling okay? Any shortness of breath, or… anything else?” Keiki asked, not really having much room except to lay next to her, rumbling slightly, still dressed in nothing but trunks. So businesslike with his bloodline, it seemed.

“Heh, funny you should ask. Honestly, I feel slightly short of breath. Not sure why, though I don’t think its from anything that happened today. How about you, how are you feeling?” Shalina asked, with a mental image of Keiki snuggling up to her in the middle of the night.
Oh, how nice that would be, she thought to herself.

“Pretty good actually, I don’t often get visitors,” Keiki purred, scooting a little closer to hug and nuzzle cheek to cheek if she seemed receptive, his ears comfortably laying back as he let out a soft yawn.

Shalina smiled at the nuzzle, and scooted closer to Keiki. Impulsively (which she had been feeling more impulsive each time they met, she reached out her neck and gave Keiki a quick kiss on the cheek. Just as quick as she did it though, she pulled her neck back to where it was, shocked at what she had just done. She was proud, yet shocked.

“Mm…” Keiki’s purr grew, his nuzzles a little stronger as he cuddled close, enjoying the warmth. He leaned in closer, snuffling lightly along her neck, ‘mon instincts seeming to take over as his tails swayed softly.

Shalina cuddled closer, her instincts taking over as well. Her tail flicked a little, then began to wrap around Keiki’s tail.

Feeling the tails wrap, Keiki closed his eyes, mumbling something soft about an egg, then rearing up onto his knees briefly to move her beneath him, resting over her back and taking her vulnerable scruff in his jaws with a soft tug – a sign of domination, one hand hugging her tightly as the other tried to keep his growing need from permanently damaging his trunks.

Shalina intakes a breath, startled but excited at the tingly feeling between her legs. She lets Keiki move her under him, and moans slightly at his sign of domination. She wraps both arms around him, hugging his back while arching her hips up towards the bulge in his trunks.

Keiki growled softly, his eyes still closed, turning to her clothing after freeing himself. He couldn’t lie to himself, the sight and scent of her soft fur enticing him, oh how he wanted nothing to separate them, seeming almost impatient with the hindering clothing in the way, claws prickling lightly along her belly as he fumbled with the belt.

Shalina removes her arms from around Keiki long enough to help him get off her shirt. As soon as her shirt was off, she wraps her arms around him, letting her nails slide up and down his back, softly digging into the fur, turning the rubs into scratches. She reaches her head up to nip at his neck, softly kissing and sucking along it.

“Ayi…” Keiki arched out above her, giving her access to his neck for those touches, one arm holding him up as the other tossed her shirt aside, then worked on her pants, his length aching, so close yet so far, his heart starting to pound against hers, the float collar fully inflating.

Shalina notices his reactions to the love bites and keeps it up, kissing and suckling on his neck. She feels that tingling between her legs get more urgent, also feeling very wet there. She arches her hips again to make it easier for Keiki to get off her pants.

Keiki kept his neck stretched out for those attentions, panting softly, his eyes closed and jaw agape as he tugged off those pants, hind claws catching and bunching them up against the side of the tent. He whimpered softly, his free hand roaming around her lower belly, seeking that wetness…

Shalina keeps up the attention to Keiki’s neck, her nips and sucks between light and deep (but making sure not to be too rough). She lowers her hips and wraps her legs around Keiki, just out of pure instinct.

Letting out a soft groan at the tight wrap, Keiki found he couldn’t resist her any longer, letting himself drop enough to tease her vitals with his own briefly before finding his mark and hugging her tightly, making the first siring plunge as he pressed his cheek tightly to hers with a deep, unsatisfied feral growl – this floatzel had his growlithe, and he sought to rut her, to make it count even if it meant making it hurt.

Shalina gasped as she felt Keiki enter her, filling her with his hardness, sliding in so easily thanks to her wetness. She feels herself wrap around him as he’s inside her, making a slow pulsating sensation for him. She arches up her hips to take in more of him, he felt so good.

Keiki let out a firm grunt, pressing as deep as their bodies would allow, holding himself there to feel her body against his, collar pillowing against her chest as he held tightly to her shoulders, hind claws tearing holes in the tent floor to give him leverage. Briefly lifting his head to nuzzle her cheek, then kiss softly, he let it fall again to close jaws on her neck before starting a rhythm, slow and powerful.

“Mmmm…” Shalina let out as Keiki bit her neck. She never would have imagined this felt so good, as she started her own rhythm with her hips going up and down. She continues the scratching down his back, her nails digging in a little bit more with each thrust.

Arching his back into those scritches, Keiki let out a loud growl, especially as one strayed close to his float, his hold shifting from loving to passionate as he picked up speed, his teeth teasing along her vulnerable throat, one eye staring down into one of hers, narrowed, challenging…

Shalina looked back into Keiki’s eyes, smiling. Seeing the challenge in his eyes, she arched her neck back for him, trusting him completely. As his speed picked up, so did the movements of her hips. “Mmm, harder,” she moaned.

The purrs and growls doubled as that Floatzel saw his female’s response, rising to his challenge, egging him on. Half enraged, half encouraged, he held nothing back, claws digging into her shoulders just shy of drawing blood, swollen, pulsing shaft diving deep against her eggs with every thrust, hips forcing it fully inside as quickly as they could.

Fighting the growing burn in his muscles he stiffened around her, tightening, his body warming up… he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long, but by damn, he wouldn’t go out with a whimper!

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Shalina moans, nails digging lower into Keiki’s back, hips moving as fast as they can. She tightened herself around Keiki’s shaft, beginning the pulsating as best she can. She looks into his eyes, searching for a kiss, warm and passionate.

Ears perked to her moans, and Keiki held himself high in the fevered rhythm of their siring for as long as he could, but quickly the moment was upon him, hurriedly pulling his jaws away from her neck and arching against her, holding himself tightly to her and letting out a loud purring growl into the small space of the tent, one final thrust seating himself fully inside, pulsing rapidly, unloading his seed against her eggs with every pound of his heart against hers!

Shalina’s back and hips arched, allowing Keiki to be fully inside, legs wrapped around tight, the orgasm was upon her as well as she moaned, feeling herself pulsate around his shaft, as if her body was helping him pump out his seed. Once her body stopped quivering from the spasms of pleasure, she lowered herself back down to the tent floor and hugged
Keiki, nuzzling his neck.

As soon as it had arrived, it was gone, and Keiki found himself weakening, slowly lowering himself down to rest on top of her, panting hotly over her cheek as he softly nuzzled back, his growls quieting to pleasured purrs. His fur was drenched with sweat, and he still twitched every so often against and inside her, catching his breath and enjoying the second half of a productive day.

“That was amazing, beautiful,” Shalina breathed, reaching up to lick Keiki’s neck, grooming him. She then moved her head so that she could look into his eyes. She felt the heat rush her again, but she kept it at bay, feeling Keiki’s exhaustion. “Thank you,” she said softly as she slowly reached out to kiss him. The feeling had been growing, but Shalina was sure that what she was feeling for Keiki was love. She smiled at the thought as their lips touched.

Looking down upon her, Keiki nodded lightly, only able to purr in reply, leaning down to kiss as she wished, and panting softly through his nose. Slowly he let his eyes close, deepening the kiss, fully relaxing, even with them together so… his shaft twitching and swelling again within her folds, as if it was preparing for another despite its owner’s exhaustion.

Shalina feels a second wind as she feels Keiki swell inside her, the wetness already starting again. She closes her eyes as he kisses her, and smiles within herself. Today may have had a turn for the worst, but it sure made up for itself. She wonders what Keiki is going to do about the swelling cock inside her. She pulsates her opening around it, inviting him to go again, providing he has the energy.

Gasping softly at the tight grip, Keiki arched out above her, panting softly and drawing himself mostly out, shivering against her, thrusting himself slowly back in and purring harshly from the feelings of being against her so. “Hrrh… I… hope you’re… prepared,” he warned, moving with half the speed, but double the feeling. “… I’ll… keep at it until… you egg…” he blushed lightly, some of his master’s restraint showing but not much.

Shalina raises her hips in response, ready for anything, and pleased at the response Keiki had to her inviting tightness (and wetness). Once again she reaches up to start the pattern of nipping and sucking at his neck, nails scratching into his back.

“We… Floatzels… don’t last long, but… quickly…” he panted, nuzzling her cheek, “… recov–aaah!” he growled, arching out again, leaving his neck open, the feeling of the bite prompting a sharp tense and a blast of what didn’t quite make it out last time, his renewed strength pulsing eagerly against her vitals as he rocked firmly, his hands resting against the ground, keeping him up and open to her to dominate in return.

“Mmm, you’re doing just fine,” Shalina breathes into his ear. Moving from his neck, Shalina takes the love nips and suckles to his ear, concentrating on his lower ear lobe, moving her tongue softly over it, teasing him with it. There were other things she wanted to do with her mouth and tongue, but she was too shy to offer. He had to ask for it.

Not that he would, likely – he seemed content enough with getting his pleasures (and hers) from how they lay, and a little too focused on ensuring they’d sire to put it any other place. Feeling her tongue and teeth move to his ear, he let it lay back for her, his purrs falling a bit as he kept moving, keeping the rhythm even, whimpering softly. “Nnn… my… neck…. bite it…. nngh!” he pleaded softly, gripping the ground, tails flicking wildly… it didn’t seem to take too much more to work him back up to full heated power.

Feeling a surge of wetness at the command, Shalina went to his neck and bit. “You like that?” she asked him under her breath, “mmmm, like that, right there, feels sooo good,” she panted, then went back to teasing his neck and bit, nipping, kissing, and finally sucking, with her tongue massaging where she bit.

Keiki let out a defeated moan and tightened against her, his eyes closing and ears folding, helpless but to drive himself deep once again, the attentions to his neck triggering another release as he held on as tightly as he could, struggling to stay up as he kept unloading…

Shalina lifted her hips as much as she could, tightening herself around Keiki’s shaft, urging him to let it out, her own orgasm coming on stronger than the last. She felt her body pulsate around him, and as the last spasms shake her body, heart pounding, she wraps her arms around Keiki and pulls him for a close hug. “I love you, Keiki,” she whispers in his ear. She looks up into his eyes, going for another kiss.

Her attention kept his going, appropriate to his type, leaving him well and truly running on empty by the time they’d relaxed against each other. He laid his cheek to hers, panting slowly, eyes fluttering as he let out a soft, pleasured groan. “Rrr… Shalina… thank you,” he murmured, lazily kissing back.

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