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Bedtime Story – Part 4

Nodding a little, Michelle concentrated, letting the glow sink over her and reveal the Venusaur. “So….”

Shalina watched the change, still fascinated at how fusions work. “Good to see you again Orchid.”

“You too.” Orchid put a hand on her shoulder, perhaps a bit more roughly than he thought. “Got any plans for the next few hours?”

“Hmm, not really. Just letting what ever happens happen. No set plans. I like to live moment by moment,” Shalina replied, wondering what Orchid had in mind.

One vine uncoiled, then another, a sweet, sedative scent wafting from the flower as Orchid smiled.

<Page> You page, “he’s in one of his ‘Orchid’ moods as I call them >.> basically aiming to sedate, restrain, and carry her off to wherever and have some fun” (Sent to Fijora)

Shalina closes her eyes, taking in the sweet scent, finding it very relaxing. She inhales deeply, exhaling slowly.

Orchid firmly rubbed along a shoulder, letting her relax, trying to hide his grin, certainly not seeming intimidated by the fire-type.

Shalina relaxes even more with the shoulder rub. She seems to have trouble keeping her eyes open.

Watching her eyes and keeping that restrained smirk, Orchid kept up the rub, those vines moving it to her back as well, watching things grow hazy – he’d used this tactic many times in combat, starting off with a sleep powder, and it seemed to work well here too…

Shalina seems to melt at the back rubs. She feels like she could sleep right now, but something in her wants her to stay awake. Is it that scent that is making her so relaxed and sleepy?

Orchid purred softly, “Getting sleepy, dear? Don’t worry, I can guard you…” he leaned in to nuzzle along her cheek lightly, the rubs staying strong.

Shalina half nodded, half mumbled. Yes she was getting very sleepy. Any second now and she would be if Orchid kept this up.

Letting himself fall silent, Orchid kept it up indeed, laying back down beside her.

A few more seconds and Shalina was out, sleeping peacefully after what seemed forever of drifting off. Her breathing became slow and even.

When the world returned, it seemed a lot darker, lit only by a candle against one corner of a room, smelling of underground, with Orchid nowhere to be found, and an odd weight around both ankles and both wrists, an almost sinister chuckling coming from behind. The

Venusaur had her where he wanted her. “Wakey wakey growlie…”

Shalina slowly opened her eyes, tried to stretch, but noticed she was restrained. “Eh? Orchid? Umm…” she kind of trailed off, unsure of what to do. She was slightly excited, but also confused as to what did happen.

He’d left her laying on her side, arms raised, laying in front of him, facing away. Letting his vines hold her arms and legs, his hand rubbed along her cheek softly, “Keiki said some… very good things about you, Shalina… I’m tempted to see if they’re all true.”

Shalina blushed at what Keiki may have possibly told Orchid. “Oh really? And what exactly did he say?” She may have blushed, but she was also feeling even more excited at what could happen next.

Orchid scooted in, tugging his vines lightly to roll her to face him – clad in nothing but those fine, bluish scales, and from the looks of things, well-informed of a particular tent exploit or two, and clearly aroused from them. “That you were oh so worth it… and a little confused on what it meant to the other halves of his fusion.” He grinned, “Don’t worry, growlie… the most I’d hurt you would be if you got pregnant.”

Shalina tried to gather her thoughts. She had never seen this side of Orchid before, and it seemed to be quite the turn on to her. She definitely liked someone taking control. “I never worried about you hurting me. In fact, I believe what you said earlier, about protecting me,” she said with a sly smile.

“Then let’s get these off,” Orchid half-purred, half-growled, moving the vines and deploying a few more to tug along her clothing, working on leaving her in just her fur. “Don’t worry Shalina.” He smirked, “No one will notice or be able to hurt us here. I don’t think you’ll miss Keiki at all after I’m through with you…”

“Oh? And how do you plan on doing that? I look forward to seeing what you got,” Shalina said feistily, flexing her wrists, and stretching now that she was finally no longer restrained.

The four vines pulled back, one of them lowering to tease along the base of her tail, up along toward her lower belly, as he reached for her shoulders and pulled her close, leaning in to nibble along the crook of her neck.

A few moments’ teasing and Orchid purred, continuing to nibble, <So, Shalina… have you seen any others of your own kind? Males, specifically?> he murmured, letting his arousal lay against her bare stomach, vines wrapping around the pair.

“Mmm, seen in what way?” Shalina asked. She had an idea of what he meant but wanted to make sure. Feeling his arousal on her bare stomach made her insides do nervous flip flops. She reached and felt his hardness, getting wet at feeling how aroused he was.

“Seen them aroused,” Orchid clarified, letting out a deep growl at the grip on his length, pulsing to the touch. “Rrrh… specifically…” he took her hand, moving it somewhat back, revealing an unusually canine growth at the base, still small but tactile. “… here.”

“Well, no actually. You and Keiki are the only ones I have been with to be honest,” Shalina blushed, feeling almost shy, and somewhat inexperienced.

“Usually it’s growlithes, vulpixes, eevees, and such that have these, but… a few others have them too,” Orchid purred, nibbling a little deeper, lowering his hips a little, rolling her onto her back and straddling her hips, sitting up for a moment tn gaze down at the trapped growlithe-fusion, slowly rubbing himself along her hand with a pacified growl. “Mmm…”

“Oh, ok,” Shalina murmured, unsure of what to say. She smiled mischeviously as Orchid rubbed himself along her hand. Her heart was pounding, excited anticipation filling her.
“Mmmm, so, what do you plan on doing with that?” she asked, taking hold of him, rubbing him, feeling his hardness.

Orchid’s eyes slid closed as he continued to rock, filling out fully in her hand, steadily pulsing back up to full arousal as he shivered softly, the vines retracting. “Mmnnn…. I…” the captor had lost himself, unfortunately, the frond letting out a sweet scent, familiar yet not sedative this time, and his mind too focused on the pleasure growing in his loins from her hand alone. “Rrrr….”

“Hmm? You like that?” Shalina asked, feeling him grow. His growing hardness made her even more aroused. She picked up her pace a little bit, giving him a firmer grip.

“Careful,” Orchid growled, leaning down to rest on all fours above her, grunting and gritting his teeth, pulsing in his grip, knot swelling a bit. “Too much of this and… I won’t fit inside… I’ll have to mess up all your lovely fur or feed it to you…”

“Mmm, which would you prefer?” Shalina asked, lifting her hips a little to give Orchid a suggestion. She also licked her lips, hoping to give him another option. She slowed down her rubbing to give him a little room to think. She loved feeling how aroused she made him, and was tempted to test hers and his limits.

“Depends… on…” Orchid struggled, the scent growing as he leaned down, pulling his hips back to tease along her tunnel, a few prods finding the mark and the pent-up venusaur quickly diving himself as deep as he could with a feral roar!

Shalina lifted her hips when she felt him enter her, giving off a shudder of pleasure. She squeezed him where he filled her, making herself tighter for his pleasure. “Mmmm, you feel good inside me,” she whispered in his ear. She lifted her head a bit to find his neck and licked, then gave a playful nibble.

Taking a moment to settle against her, Orchid growled softly, closing his eyes and nuzzling her cheek, only to groan and pulse heavily at the bite to his neck, shivering and stretching it out as he started to thrust. “Nnngggh… Shalina….” his growls pained, yet pleasured, pre eagerly leaking against her eggs…

Shalina began slowly rocking her hips. She smiled at his reaction to the bite and softly licked and gave a few more love nips. “Mmmm,” she moaned, wrapping her front paws around his back, starting some light scritches.

Paws found the base of the flower, then his muscular back a bit lower. Orchid bucked eagerly against her, panting for breath, groaning softly as his knot continued to swell, pinching in and out, “Ggghh… last… chance to…. GAH!” he growled, suddenly holding himself deep against her, pulsing rapidly, knot quickly swelling and tying the pair together as he trembled, struggling to stay up…

“Hmm? Last chance to what?” Shalina breathed, running her claws gently up and down his back, careful of the flower. Her hips still rocking, she picked up the rhythm a little bit, rocking them faster, feeling Orchid getting close, her own climax near as well.

Orchid tightly shut his eyes, starting to thrust again, though the tie left him only able to jab sharply, stuck inside and continuing to pulse, the pre thickening as he gripped her shoulders, holding on, trying to hold it off. “C-celebi it’s close….”

“Ooh, right there, so close,” Shalina murmured in Orchid’s ear. She let her claws dig in a little more, still being careful of the flower, while rocking her hips as fast as she could, as much as the tightness would let her.

Orchid tossed his head back, holding tightly to her shoulders, before diving back down and biting on her neck, growling loudly into her crook as the dam broke, unloading his thick seed against her eggs, eyes tightly closed as he worked on filling his chosen and knotted female full of their young…

“Ahh, yeah,” Shalina moaned in pleasure as she wrapped her front legs around Orchid, herself tightening around him as she also reached climax, her body shuddering in warmth and pleasure. She lifts her head slightly to find his lips, giving him a deep and passionate kiss. “Thank you,” she whispers in his ear.

Coming down from climax feeling unusually empty, finding his lips pressed to hers, Orchid purred lightly, keeping his eyes closed and nuzzling her softly, one hand moving to her belly as if to feel for the warmth he’d left there. “Rrh… don’t… think it’s over,” he growled, grinning lightly. “Neither of us is going anywhere until my knot unswells…” he gave a short thrust, groaning, and loosing a shot of what didn’t come out with his earlier peak. “… and that may be a while,” he smirked.

Shalina’s eyes opened to see Orchid smiling, and smiled herself. “Well, we have all night. I certainly don’t plan on going anywhere,” Shalina said, grinning at the idea of going at it again. She started to tingle between her legs, remembering how he had her tied up, in total control over her.

“Me either… and… ha, Keiki’s proposing a bet…” Orchid laughed softly, nibbling on Shalina’s neck again, resting for the moment. “Seeing whether the Venusaur or the Floatzel can give you an egg first… rrr…” feeling the tingle he held still, needing a while to rest before another romp.

“Heh, who do you think will win?” Shalina chuckled at the proposed bet. She found the weight of Orchid on top of her comforting, she noticed. She reached up to kiss him again. “So, do you agree with what Keiki said about me being worth it and all?” she asked, lifting her eyebrows, curious at what he thought of her.

“Me, obviously,” Orchid grinned, nuzzling eagerly. “Worth it? Of course… you’re so fun to dominate. I’m going to -enjoy- making you swell with eggs…” he rubbed her belly firmly, “Nice and warm, too… and… rrrh…” he testingly drew back, tugging on her passage with his knot, then thrusting once, then again, seemingly recovered. “Hope you’re ready…”

“Mmmm, always ready. And to be honest, I enjoyed being dominated like that. It was quite thrilling,” Shalina stated, lifting her hips slightly, getting ready to start rocking again.

Grunting eagerly as he started to thrust anew, still held in place by that knot, Orchid growled happily, loving such a hot squeeze on his arousal and letting short fingerclaws dig into her shoulders. “Dominated, huh…? Maybe I should treat you like I do most wild ‘mon then…” his vines extended, twitching and shivering with his pleasures.

“Mmm, maybe you should. I might like that,” she replied, tightening herself at his thrusts.

Orchid took a deep breath, “Maybe… after… nngh!” he growled suddenly, thrusting once and starting to pulse rapidly again, nibbling along her neck, ears folding back. “Ohh… gods!” he rumbled, the spasming against her tightness setting him off again, his second peak as productive as the first…

Shalina gasped at the sudden filling. Knowing that he was climaxing was enough to get her to the top as well, her body shivering in spasms of pleasure. “Mmm, you feel so good,” she said, wrapping herself tight around him, loving him.

Her peak kept his going, the venusaur unloading himself fully, his hand moving back to her belly to feel every twitch and tightening as he sprayed again, panting over her neck and letting the feelings consume him completely, kept spasming against her eggs for quite some time. “Nnngh…. so good…. rrr…”

Shalina lifted her neck slightly, just enough to reach her lips to his to give him a soft and gentle kiss, then nuzzled into his neck, kissing it, then, smiling to herself gently nibbled it, wondering how he would react.

The nibbles to his neck found him starting to cool down, but with the sensation he tightened again, the sedative powders loosing from his flower as he found himself still caught in his peak, hugging her tightly, his vines still twitching from the release.

“Mmm, you like that, huh?” she asked lightly, knowing what she does to him, proud at herself for making him so worked up. Shalina felt his hug tighten, and hugged him back, feeling warmth and comfort in his arms/vines.

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