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April 2012


Here are some sexts that CB and I exchanged over time. Him: Imagine the bed is all warm and made up. I’m laying in it, waiting for you to get naked and join me under the blanket. I wanna cuddle up next to you and start kissing you all over and making out while we grind closer and hold each other. Me: Mmm, that sounds so nice and fun. 🙂… Read More »Sexting

Finally, the Favor is Returned

I don’t hear from Forbidden Fruit very much anymore, but Saturday afternoon, I got a text from him telling me that his best friend, Eric, was in town. I didn’t care much at first, because I was sleeping, plus I remember him telling me a couple months ago that he had a girlfriend. I asked about said girlfriend, and he said that ended a while ago. I began to care… Read More »Finally, the Favor is Returned

Lazy Day

I woke up on my technical Saturday. I had things I wanted to do (grocery shopping) just to get out of the house, but didn’t feel like doing it just yet. I decided to just read. It was my weekend, and I didn’t really need to go anywhere until work in two nights. I read, and a few hours into reading, I decided to masturbate. I wasn’t feeling particularly horny,… Read More »Lazy Day

Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 2

“Hey baby, what are you doing?” he asked in that naughty tone. “Mmm, just laying here, naked in bed, thinking about you,” I answered back, just as naughtily. “Ooo, that sounds nice. Wish I could be there with you. You should get your bullet ready,” he said. “Who says its not already ready?” I ask teasingly, slowly turning the dial with my free hand, feeling the bullet come to life.… Read More »Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 2

Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 1

CB called me when he woke up Friday morning. We started with small talk, then he started talking naughty. I was in the mood for it, since the night before I went to my first male strip show. I was planning on masturbating when I went to bed, and he just happened to be waking up when I was going to bed. It started with him asking how big my… Read More »Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 1

What I Want and Why

I don’t want a boyfriend. There’s too much drama in that. I don’t want a boyfriend because then it’s necessary to be honest and communicate. The last time I tried to be honest and communicate it blew up in my face. Its just easier to have a friend with benefits. I don’t want just a booty call, but I want an actual friend, that I can hang out with, laugh… Read More »What I Want and Why


I feel like a complete jerk. I almost did something very bad and hypocritical. I contacted The T and attempted small talk until I got to the point. I asked him to hang out sometime. My intention was to have sex. All I seemed to think about was the good sex we had those two times, and the better sex we could have since I am more experienced and this… Read More »Guilt

Long Distance and Online Dating

So, I have been talking to this guy about 8 hours away. At first he seemed pretty cool, and we really wanted to meet each other. Now however, he is seeming like kind of a creeper. Anyways, before I decided he seemed like a creeper, I emailed a question to Rori at Between My Sheets asking for advice and her experience with meeting people online. She posted the question and… Read More »Long Distance and Online Dating

An Attempt to Kill the Excessive Horniness

Last Wednesday, on my Friday, I was tired of the “Girl Boner” problem I was having. No amount of masturbation was helping. I was desperate, so I charged the batteries to my wireless bullet and put it in my panties, the remote in my pocket. I had a grin on my face walking to work, feeling the buzz on my clit. The faster I walked, the closer to orgasm I… Read More »An Attempt to Kill the Excessive Horniness

Hit and Miss

Last Friday night, my last night off and feeling a little sorry for myself I get a message on Facebook. Its a guy I asked to hang out sometime (saying no). Not five minutes later, I get an email from saying someone winked at me. I signed on and checked them out. He seemed decent, so I winked back, and took it a step further by messaging him. I… Read More »Hit and Miss