Bedtime Story – Part 5 (the last one)

Finding their movement restricted, Hito shifted once his shirt was free, rocking onto his side and spooning her close, nuzzling at her neck and ears all the while he worked on pulling the shorts off, revealing just how pent-up the discussion had left him – not just hard, but knotted already. “Rrr… would you… want to? I know Keiki didn’t give you a choice in the matter, but…”

“Mmm, it would be my pleasure to,” Shalina smiled with a naughty grin. She rolled over and manuevered herself so that her mouth was inches from his hardness. She bent her neck and gave a test lick at the knot, then all over the knot, then up the shaft, all the way to the top, flicking her tongue over the tip before taking it slowly into her mouth.

Hito let out a confused rumble as Shalina squirmed away, his tails retracting, only to let out a soft groan and close his eyes as the arcanine-fusion tended his need in person, the surprise coaxing a bit of pre out of him. “Nnnnhh… Shalina…” he dug his claws into the ground.

Shalina pauses to left her head up, taking his need into her hand instead. “Hmm? Is this not what you were asking?” Shalina gently bites her lip, embarrassed at what she was thinking now were assumptions.

Panting softly, laying his head back, Hito yipped at the grip of her hand. “N… no, but… keep going… this will help it…” His hips bucked lightly, helping the slickness of his shaft spread.
“Aah, ok,” Shalina mumbled and started over again, starting with the knot, up the shaft, around the tip, into her mouth. She sucked softly, and once she got a rhythm going, her head began to bob up and down, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, massaging his needs with her tongue.

Hito laid back down, knees spreading lightly as he allowed her in like this, twitching with every flick, closing his eyes tightly and letting out a fiery moan as his need started to build, tails shivering and rubbing along her belly, wrapping around her back, and one of them in particular rubbing between her own legs, clothing or no. “C… careful, sweetie… or… I’ll tie with your muzzle….”

Shalina lightened her pace on him and started working slower. She felt herself wetten even more than she had already been the second he started to rub between her legs. Between headstrokes she took her mouth off of him long enough to ask “Mmmm, is that doo much for you dear?”

Tensing and arching at the lighter touches, Hito found them difficult to resist, his heart pounding as he held onto the ground, tails twitching along those places. Feeling her relent briefly, he answered, “No… it’s…” he huffed, “… you know what tying is… right?”

Pausing once more and lifting her mouth off again, she replied, “No, whats it mean?” Instead of getting back to her task at hand, (errr, mouth) she waited for his explanation, while also hoping the pause made him crave even more.

“Mmph… see… this bulge, here?” Hito panted, lifting one hand to trace his knot, “It…” he blushed, “… balloons up a fair bit when we cum… traps us inside, ties us together, keeps us from disengaging before an egg forms, if it does…” breath steadying, he added, “If… I tied with your mouth, you wouldn’t be able to pull off until I softened.” he warned, heat still high.

Shalina swallowed hard. She was now slightly intimidated by that idea. On one hand she wanted to continue, but on the other she was afraid of that leading past the point of no return. Tying of the muzzle sounded quite scary. “Ahh, ok. Hmm, so what should I do? I am not quite sure I am ready to have my muzzle tied…” she trailed off.

Hito shivered a little, “Um…. just… don’t swallow it? If it inflates outside it’s not effective… it’d… take me a while to soften and do the real duty but… it’d work,” he offered, tails making another brush.

Shalina nodded, and happily went back to work, careful not to get the knot in her mouth, and leaving a little room (what she hoped was enough) for it to inflate when the time came. She started back up with running her tongue around the tip, then sucking on it, varying the pressure of the sucks.

So happy to have such a beautiful Arcanine tending him like this, Hito bucked slightly, trying to restrain himself, shivering from the nearly blinding feelings. “Ohhh…. gods… nnnh!” one sharp buck gave away his failure to control himself, thrusting a bit more, the pre continuing to leak. It wouldn’t take much more to open the valve…

Shalina kept at it, varying her pressures and tongue motions, never keeping the same pattern. With each thrust Hito gave, she was carful to ease off a bit so that the knot didn’t get close of her mouth to tie with it.

Her pressures kept his from stabilizing, his pulse pounding through that shaft and knot, sac hanging heavy with the need to sire. His claws dug back into the ground as he arched, thankfully keeping his knot away from her tongue, suddenly letting out a high yelp and thrusting once, unloading his heated seed into her muzzle, his knot swelling and, thankfully enough, only tying with the air. “Nnnngh!”

Shalina was ready, and able to swallow his seed as it flowed into her mouth. She was glad the knot stayed out of her mouth, as interesting (and probably intimadating) it may have been.

Held completely helpless by his peak Hito held on tightly, giving her plenty to swallow until it subsided, leaving him panting and shivering on the ground, his tails quivering softly as the heat left a haze around his body.

Once the flow stopped, Shalina maneuvered herself back up to lay face to face with Hito. She wrapped her arms around him for a snuggling hug and scooted herself closer to him, smiling. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed doing that,” she said.

Hito’s eyes slowly slid open as he looked upon her, rolling onto his side to face and hug her, shivering softly, his length still sensitive as it brushed her clothing. “I…. did,” he answered with a tremble. “Mmmurr…”

“I’m glad,” she said, smiling, nuzzling her head into his neck, hugging him tighter once he hugged back. She tingled at the feeling of his length brushing even her ckothing.

Nuzzling her neck just the same he murred deeply, panting softly, letting the fires die down. “Wooph… it felt… very different…” He smiled, purring, “But I’m willing to bet not half as nice as tying with you and getting you all bulging with an egg will…”

“Mmm, I bet. Well, we still have time. Would you like to go for round two and tie with me then? I seem to have a need myself now, if you know what I mean,” Shalina said softly, smiling at the idea of tying with him and carrying his egg.

“It’ll… have to wait until my knot goes down… but… we have things to do in the meantime,” he purred, leaning in to kiss her deeply, his claws moving, the blunt backsides scraping downward against her shirt and pants.

Shalina closed her eyes as she kissed him back, her arms wrapping around him, claws gently scratching his back.

Briefly engaging her love with his beneath the night sky he smiled into the kiss, tails moving slowly, a bit clumsily, as he’d been used to having three fewer. His hands took her shirt, lifting it over her head, then turned to her pants to bare the arcanine to him entirely, the todd letting his lower body fall away from hers to keep from disturbing his knot and taking it longer to unswell.

Shalina raised her arms to make removal of the shirt easier, then lifted her hips just enough to allow removal of her pants

Given time to remove her clothing and give her plenty of kisses, Hito purred happily, squirming away from her long enough to softly roll her onto her belly and lay down atop her, holding her sides and nipping softly at her neck. “Rrr… now for round two…”

“Oooo,” she said as her legs automatically opened up, ready to take him inside of her and fill her with his seed and egg. She purred at his nips and tilted her head back so he could have even more access to her neck. Her hips lifted to make it easier to penetrate her.

His tails curled beneath her, one wrapping her tail up to twine with it as he pressed close, pulling her rear up against his groin and giving him the angle he needed to poke, prod, and finally thrust once to seat himself inside with a yelp and moan!

Once inside her, Shalina tightened the muscles of her opening around him, giving him a pulsating sensation, as well as making herself tighter around his fullness. Also, claws softly scratching into his back, she lifted her head enough to go for his neck, first nuzzling, then biting gently, all over.

Hito let out a sharp moan at the bite to his neck, shivering, his hold to her body tightening as his shaft swelled suddenly, loosing another shot of fiery pre inside as the haze built. “Oh gods…” he whimpered, thrusting eagerly, as if to struggle to please his arcanine master before she ended his life, to struggle to appease her with a strong egg.

Shalina began following his thrusting with the lifting up and down of her hips, allowing for even deeper penetration. She shifted herself ever so slightly so that his hardness began rubbing ever so slightly against her G-spot. She moaned softly at the extra pressure-like feeling. “Ooh, yeah, right there,” she breathed.

Keeping his pace, raising it just a bit, Hito growled suddenly at the feeling of his knot pinching into her folds, the pressure building as it popped in, relaxing as it popped out, growing, threatening to tie them together as he growled and shivered, nodding weakly, getting fully into the swing of being such an aroused todd with such a beautiful arcanine loving him.

Shalina kept up the hip movements as well, keeping in tune with Hito’s thrusts. As she became closer to her peak, she scratched her nails a little bit deeper into his back, scratching up and down as best she could. Normally she failed at multitasking, but was quite successful tonight in keeping up with hip thrusts, back scratches and love nips. Oh how she loved this handsome ninetails named Hito.

Shivering and huffing with the feelings filling him, Hito let himself go, rutting her harshly, arching out above her as he let himself completely fill her passage with his male power, feeling it about to explode… he growled loudly, “L… last… chance… to back out….”

“And..why…would..I want to do..that?” she asked as she lowered her hips one last time before wrapping her legs around him, somewhat locking him into place, as well as stopping the scratches but wrapping her arms lovingly around his back, holding him close the her, her heart beating against his.

With Shalina’s confirmation, Hito snarled, arching himself out as his hindclaws tore furrows into the earth before catching hold, pulling her body toward his with a sharp tug, his knot straining before finally popping into her tunnel, another tug prompting a yelp, he’d tied himself inside! He loosed a heavy, choked sigh as he held on tightly and peaked, the tight squeeze of her body pulling out a thick blast of his seed, the angry heat piling against her eggs in abundance from his strong peak!

Hito reaching his peak was enough to make Shalina reach hers, her body tensing, moaning out in the sweet bliss of orgasm. After the peak slowed down to being over, she nuzzled into his neck, then softly whispered in his ear. “I love you.”

Losing himself to everything but the fires burning around both of them, Hito shuddered as he kept firing, filling her full of him, panting as he felt his strength waning and body weakening. Given no choice he laid down upon her, eagerly hugging her softly and nuzzling to her touch, purring back the same. “Love you…”

Smiling happily at hearing the words, Shalina lifted her face up from his neck to kiss him as deeply and passionately as they had kissed earlier, the scritches on his back starting up again ever so softly, lovingly.

His muzzle fitted to hers as they kissed happily, the ninetales shivering in the soft bliss and closing his eyes as he lay hilted and tied, not minding staying where he was for some time, feeling drained but happy to be alive. “Ooh…”

Unsure what he was thinking, Shalina quietly “hmms?” She was happy to have him where he was, with her. Just thinking about him, and him laying there with her made her heart fill with joy and love.

“Thank you…” Hito murred weakly, nuzzling her with a soft lick every so often and letting himself cool down, enjoying the cold night air.

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