Where to Draw the Line?

Being a sex blogger, I have a very naughty side. I like to share naughty experiences by writing a post about them.

The other day I went on a coffee date with a guy. We had a lot in common and I really enjoyed his company. After we finished coffee though, I did something incredibly stupid. I got in his car with him and went to the beach.

Everything turned out ok, as I am still here, but it could have gone horribly wrong. After talking a bit, we ended up making out. It was great, invigorating, making out like we were teenagers.

He kept trying to get me to go further, but I was a good girl and didn’t let him. However, I was dropping wet. It always amazes me how wet I can get. Just when I think I have never been wetter, I get wetter.

I wanted to do things. I wanted to bring him home and fuck him there. I am glad that I stopped myself, but at the same time I wanted to see how far it could go. I need posts to write, lol.

So I wonder where to draw the line. I really don’t feel like I have boundaries. I mean, I fucked a guy in the woods before I even knew his name. I got in a got with a guy I barely knew and made out while wanting things to go further. At the same time, I want a relationship. I want this guy to respect me, and the sooner I sleep with him, the less respect I would probably get.

The dirty details of the date to come soon.

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