Hit and Miss

Last Friday night, my last night off and feeling a little sorry for myself I get a message on Facebook. Its a guy I asked to hang out sometime (saying no). Not five minutes later, I get an email from Match.com saying someone winked at me. I signed on and checked them out. He seemed decent, so I winked back, and took it a step further by messaging him. I got no response.

Saturday afternoon, before work that day, I was feeling irritated and bummed all at the same time. I decided to give the Craigslist ad another shot. I wrote an ad and posted it. I got one response, that turned into kind of a dud (my fault).

About an hour later, I got a post from a guy that looked really familiar in the pictures he attached. It was the guy from match. I wrote back immediately, telling him I recognized him from match. He responded by saying that he did get my email, but he couldn’t reply because he was not a paid subscriber.

We chatted until I had to go to work that night. We planned to meet the next day at 4, at one of the local Starbucks. I was super excited for the coffee date. The next day I woke up to an email from him. We chatted a bit more until I started getting ready. Just as I was starting my car, I got another email from him telling me he had to cancel due to a family emergency.

I didn’t hear from him again until that night at work, when I emailed him my number to text, as it was a little easier than constantly checking my email. I immediately got a text from him. The next morning, after work, he texted me and asked me to meet him at the same place. I was tired, but decided to go anyways.

I got there, ordered hot chocolate (since coffee would keep me awake when I had to go to bed soon). He walked in right on time, and damn he looked better than his pictures. We sat down with our drinks and really hit it off. We talked about video games and Austrailia (where he just got back from).

After we finished our drinks is when I got stupid. He invited me to go for a drive with him, to the beach. I went with him. Obviously it turned out ok, as I type this now, but it could not have turned out so good. I got lucky.

Anyways, we got to the beach and just parked the car there. He situated himself so that he was facing me, and I did thew same for him. We talked about random things. I asked if he had any tattoos or piercings. He showed me a picture of his back tattoo. I didn’t tell him about my piercings, but I did tell him I was thinking of getting a tattoo.

After a while, it got quiet. I asked him what he was thinking. He said he was thinking that he wanted to kiss me. With less hesitation than I should have, I simply said, “Okay,” and leaned forward with him. Our lips touched and we began making out.

For the first time in five years, I got kissed with tongue. Honestly, it seemed kind of gross, since I wasn’t used to it anymore. He sensed my hesitation and asked me about it. I was honest and told him that it had been awhile. He told me to give it a try myself.

We made out some more, and I got used to it, almost kind of enjoying it. I started using my tongue myself. He told me I was a good kisser. I said he was too. We started necking, and it felt amazing. Then he started suckling on my ear.

We were holding hands the whole time, then he moved my hand to his leg. “Touch me,” he breathed. I said no, that kissing was as far as I would go at that point. He seemed kind of offended, and played dumb, acting like it was just his leg he wanted touched, not his cock. That was when my bullshit radar started going off.

We made out some more, talked some more, then made out again. Honestly, it was really fun, just making out like teenagers. He started to feel me up a bit, but I stopped him. After a bit more kissing, he decided we should head back, since he had some stuff to do. That was fine with me, as I was dead tired by this time.

I had a hell of a time sleeping that morning. I was calling anyone who was willing to chat, to tell them about my date and my stupidity. I got about 3 hours sleep that day. When I woke up, I asked when he wanted to hang out next. I got no response until the next afternoon, when he said that he didn’t think we would work because he might move faster than I am comfortable with.

He really had no idea, that I was actually quite comfortable with the idea of moving fast. It would have been a nice change of pace from Will. I didn’t tell him this, but pretty much told him I would be willing to put out within the next few dates. He asked when I was free next. I invited him to the movies that Thursday, my first night off.

The night before he started complaining of chest congestion. From then on I had a feeling he was gonna cancel on me. Worse than cancelling, he never showed. I have not heard from him since the morning before the movie. Another hit and miss. Time to move on.

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