An Attempt to Kill the Excessive Horniness

Last Wednesday, on my Friday, I was tired of the “Girl Boner” problem I was having. No amount of masturbation was helping. I was desperate, so I charged the batteries to my wireless bullet and put it in my panties, the remote in my pocket.

I had a grin on my face walking to work, feeling the buzz on my clit. The faster I walked, the closer to orgasm I felt.I never let myself get too close, as I didn’t feel quite ready to explain any sudden, strange looks on my face to my coworkers.

All night, I would play with the on and off switch of the remote. I noticed that I felt nothing while sitting, and felt the most when walking. The motions of walking made the bullet feel like it does when I have it in my hands on my clit in bed.

All night, I would gauge my arousal. I would guess how close I was to orgasm, using a scale of 1-10, 10 being orgasm. I figured I would let myself get up to 7 before turning the vibrator off. Oh, I sooo did not want to turn it off. I always felt a rush of excitement when i flipped the off switch on the remote and there was a pause in communication before the bullet turned off. Once the bullet turned off, the excitement turned into disappointment and I had to stop myself from turnning it back on.

Sadly, about halfway through the night, the bullet started to die. I don’t know if it was the bullet or the batteries, but the connection would seem to short out. It went from steady vibrations, to a broken vibration, like it was on a pulse setting. It started to be more of an irritation than anything, never getting my arousal.

I am happy to say though, the night was a success. The horniness went away. Well, at least the excessive horniness. I still really want to have sex, I still am constantly wetter than usual, but it is no longer painful. I can’t wait until my next lay, whenever that may be. I kind of gave up on D, as I haven’t heard from him in over a month. I am almost desperate enough to want to call Toby up…

1 thought on “An Attempt to Kill the Excessive Horniness”

  1. I think what you were doing is called ‘Edging’ – taking yourself to almost the point of orgasm and then stopping. It can make for a very intense orgasm when you finally do cum!
    (But you probably know this by now)

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