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I woke up on my technical Saturday. I had things I wanted to do (grocery shopping) just to get out of the house, but didn’t feel like doing it just yet. I decided to just read. It was my weekend, and I didn’t really need to go anywhere until work in two nights.

I read, and a few hours into reading, I decided to masturbate. I wasn’t feeling particularly horny, I just wanted to feel the buzzing of the bullet on my clit. I got up to get my fresh batteries and popped them into my bullet. I took off my sweats and hopped under the covers, holding my Kindle with my right hand and rubbing the vibrating bullet on my clit with my left.

It felt good. I wasn’t reading anything erotic, and there was no pressure to orgasm. It was relaxing. I played with the bullet, not paying attention to time. It didn’t seem long before I felt the orgasm take control of my body.

My roommate was gone for the next few days, leaving me alone in the house. I let myself moan loud. The orgasm felt good, and while I came, I put the book down and just paid attention to the sound of my moans, listening closely to the different stages of my climax. It was a turn on in itself hearing myself orgasm, making me orgasm even longer.

The first orgasm wasn’t that strong but it still felt somewhat satisfying. I went back to reading, and not long after I decided to go for round two. The bullet was still on my clit, and all I had to do was turn it on.

I kept the same position as the first time, leaning back against my pillows, under my covers, using the bullet with my left hand, holding the Kindle with my right. The second orgasm came even faster and stronger than the first orgasm. It felt great and refreshing, masturbating not to orgasm (though getting those results), but just to feel good. It was a lazy day, and it felt wonderful.

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