Here are some sexts that CB and I exchanged over time.

Him: Imagine the bed is all warm and made up. I’m laying in it, waiting for you to get naked and join me under the blanket. I wanna cuddle up next to you and start kissing you all over and making out while we grind closer and hold each other.

Me: Mmm, that sounds so nice and fun. 🙂

Him: Well just picture, I’m there holding you and we just got done having great sex. I’m cuddling you and kissing the back of your neck while I rub your back.

Me: Mmm, that sounds wonderful. I wish you were here.

Him: Me too, baby.

Me: Hehe, now who’s the tease? 😉 I look forward to your kisses, feeling your arms around me and you next to me, touching me, exploring me.

Him: Mmmm, yes, exploring everywhere while you play with me and I make you wet.

Me: Mmm, you’re making me wet now. I bet your cock is gonna feel so good.

Him: I bet it will too. I can almost feel your wet, warm pussy as I take my hard cock and tease you with just the tip as the head slips in. You start to moan a little bit, so I shove the rest in, starting out nice and slow, but getting deeper with each thrust.

Me: Oooo, that feels so good. I scratch my fingernails down your back, pulling you closer while grinding my hips up and down, trying to match your rhythm and take more of you in, softly pulsating my pussy around your cock.

Him: Mmmmmmm, yes more, that feels so good.

Me: I scratch more, grind more, pulsate more. I pull your face closer to me and kiss you deeply, exploring slowly, sucking on your lip, then move my lips down to your neck, suckling softly then giving a light nibble.

Him: Mmm, that sounds good. I wish I could be there to hold you.

Me: Mmm, I wish you could too.

Him: I feel your hands wrap around my cock as you start to stroke it.

Me: Mmm, I can feel it getting hard.

Him: You start sucking it and rubbing your tongue over the head while you work the shaft with your hands, faster and faster, hoping I cum all over the inside of your mouth before I get on top and slide my cock into your wet pussy.

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