April 2012

Girl Boner

You know how it’s bad for a guy to have an erection for too long, so long it actually gets painful? Is that possible for females? I mean, I think how it works for girls in kind of the same way, the blood rushes to her vulva, only she gets wet instead of hard. Anyways, I have been aroused so long (since Monday and this is Thursday as I write… Read More »Girl Boner

Bedtime Story – Part 5 (the last one)

Finding their movement restricted, Hito shifted once his shirt was free, rocking onto his side and spooning her close, nuzzling at her neck and ears all the while he worked on pulling the shorts off, revealing just how pent-up the discussion had left him – not just hard, but knotted already. “Rrr… would you… want to? I know Keiki didn’t give you a choice in the matter, but…” “Mmm, it… Read More »Bedtime Story – Part 5 (the last one)