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Time Sure Flies When You’re Having Fun

I met with Salien on Thursday. We had decided to play it by ear when the beautiful sunny weather was forecast to turn to rain and wind with a few glimpses of sun. I texted him when I woke up at 3 P.M. (we both work graveyards) and asked how the weather in his town was since we live about 45 minutes apart. The weather was as predicted, sunny, rainy, and windy. We really wanted to meet so I finally decided to get my lazy ass out of bed and get dressed to go.

We planned to meet at the Starbucks near his place in an hour (enough time for me to get dressed and drive). I ended up taking the first exit and ended up in the middle of nowhere. I texted him that I took the wrong exit and was almost there. I took the second exit, thinking I remembered where the meeting place was. No, I was completely off. I called him and told him I was lost and he tried to give me directions through town, but after trying to follow them I said fuck it and got back on the freeway. I went north instead of south, damnit, so I turned back on the original exit and turned around. I called him back for final directions and got back on the road. I finally arrived a half hour late, but he was cool about it.

I found him at a back corner table and joined him, sitting across from him. I apologized for being late and made a joke about having my mom’s terrible sense of direction. I rambled on about how I am normally not that bad. He was cool and understanding about it. I got up for a second to go order something to drink and munch on. When I got back to the table and tried putting the straw into my frappuccino I ended up stabbing the roof of my mouth hard with it. Owie!

We settled into conversation easily and rarely had any awkward silences. In fact, we had only a few silences and none were awkward; they were just so that we could regroup our thoughts. We felt very comfortable with each other and got along great.

After a while my ass was going numb from the chairs we were sitting on, so we moved to the bench next to us and sat next to each other. We commented on how much better the bench felt on our asses and backs. We easily got back into conversation, talking about everything from video games to past experiences.

At one point we found ourselves in a small, but playful, tickle fight. After the tickling, we eventually ended up with his arms around my shoulders and my head resting against him. It was very comfortable, physically and emotionally. I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time. At another point I had my arms around him and was hugging him. I kept getting the urge to kiss the top of his head, but resisted. I also started rubbing his back and scratched it. He loved it. Before we knew it, it was closing time for the coffee shop. We had been there 4 hours and hadn’t even realized it, we were just so comfortable with each other.

All the stores and shops were closed around the Starbucks, as it was 9 at night, so we decided to just go hang out in my car and talk some more before he had to leave. We ended up hugging and cuddling, as much as you can in a car. The whole time I kept wanting to kiss him and wondering what it would be like to do so, wondering how he would do it and if he would suck on my bottom lip. At one point I was kind of leaning back against him, his arms around me with one hand “innocently” resting on my left boob. We started talking, and honestly I forgot how the conversation started, but it came down to how he was thinking about me. I ended up saying something like “Why think?” His response was, “You’re right,” and he bent his face down and kissed me. We made out for a bit and it was great. I loved the way he sucked and nibbled on my bottom lip. We began moving our hands all over each other (though I tried to be good and kept mine above his waist). He ended up rubbing the crotch of my jeans, making me wet. My windows in my car got very steamed up.

Time was way too short and soon he had to go to work. It was my night off, so I drove him home so the we could get a few more minutes together. I parked on the curb and we made out a bit more and hugged. I left smiling and super wet. I cannot wait until next time. We hope to go to the beach and have some cuddling time there.

3 thoughts on “Time Sure Flies When You’re Having Fun”

    1. naughtytashamber

      Lol, I was using google maps on my iPhone, but I wasn’t using it as much as I should have because I thought I knew the town and where to go.

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