This is a post I wrote several years ago but never posted because the other girl involved did not feel comfortable with it, in fear that someone would guess who it was. I figure enough time has passed (and I don’t really have anyone reading this that knows her) and I really don’t have anything new to write about as of yet. I just noticed that I wrote the actual playing post three years ago yesterday. I found the Crazy, and ironically, that post is called Crazy. I hope you enjoy!


She said she wanted to flip a coin. Heads she would tell me something, tails she wouldn’t say anything. I thought she was kidding, but apparently she wasn’t. When she came over that night for our weekly sleepover, she flipped a coin. It was heads.

She started to say something, but stopped herself. I tried as hard as I could to get her to tell me what she wanted to say. She said it seemed creepy. I told her nothing could surprise me, and she should know how open minded I am. She told me then that at the last sleepover she had urges.

I asked what kind of urges, and she said she had the urge to kiss me. I told her she could if she wanted. She said she didn’t feel right, that the urge she had made no sense, that it didn’t seem right. I asked her what seemed so wrong about it. She said it just seemed wrong because I was a girl, her best friend, and that she didn’t know where these feelings were coming from. She was afraid that it would change our friendship, hurt it. She was afraid it would become an expected thing.

I told her that everything she was feeling was completely natural. I explained that since we know each other so well, trust each other with anything, it could work. It would be an experiment, and that I was game for anything she wanted to try. I asked what she pictured us doing, how she would want it to play out, what she was curious about.

She described that she saw us kissing, making out, and groping each other’s nipples. I kept calm, but inside I began to burn with lust. Even with the simple way she described what she has been imagining, I was hot. I wanted it too, and what I saw sounded very sexy.

She then told me that her biggest problem with the idea of being with a girl was that when
she got really turned on, she likes a penis inside her. I suggested she could use strap-ons. She said she had already considered that.

She was still very hesitant, and so I explained to her how my experience was when I began to experiment with Sarah that first time. I also told her that I would not push her, and everything was up to her, and she would have to make the first move unless she said otherwise. She told me that in a way that was good because she was too chicken.

I pressed a little more, and asked how she would react if I helped her out by making the first move. She said she still was trying to get comfortable with the idea, but was still thinking about it. I told her that was fine, and to take her time, to just think about things.

The next day she texted me, told me she was getting comfortable with the idea of us experimenting. She seemed to ease up a bit more when I said it was just an experiment for her, and for her to take her time. I got a text the next day again, saying she was looking at strap-ons, and asked if I had ever thought about using one.

I told her that strap on usage had always been a fantasy of mine, but they were always so expensive, I never took any steps to make my fantasy a reality. That is when she said she could buy a cheap one for us, or we could go half and half on one.

All day, I had the image of her using the strap-on on me, and all day I considered my
options. That night, I went online and did some shopping of my own, reading reviews of different dildos and harnesses. I decided that the Jaguar harness and the Raquel dildo would be the best way to go. I went ahead and ordered them at a discount in exchange for doing a review. I can’t wait to try them out when they get here.

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