TMI Tuesday

This week’s questions are republished from November 23, 2010.

1. Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the opposite sex without anything steamy happening?

Yes, I have. Before Will, all my sleepovers turned naughty, but the first few months with Will (and for almost a year after) he would never be in the mood. I kept my hands to myself. Unfortunately, so did he.

2. Have you ever streaked, flashed, or otherwise partially or totally exposed yourself in public before (or after) an informal, unofficial gathering of people?

No, I am too chicken. Though who knows, I might someday. 😉 If I do, you will read about it!

3. Have you had dates with multiple people in the same weekend (or consecutive nights or the same night) while not all of your dates were aware of your actions?

Not really My dates have always been few and far in between. However, I did hook up with D (for the first time) a little less than a month before Will and I became official, and got together with Toby a few weeks before Will and I. Will has no idea about D, and he knows how much Toby screwed with me.

4. What is the most “romantic” you have ever gotten in a movie theater?

Probably make out and cuddle. I would love to “play” in a movie theater someday when the time is right. Again, you’ll read about it.

5. Have you ever had sex when you knew a non-participating adult was watching?

No, though that would be fun. I have been the watcher (Anna and Nathan came over to have sex so I could watch). I loved it.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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