30 Days of Truth – Day 07 – Someone Who Has Made Your Life Worth Living For

This one took me a long time to think about and finally write. I just really couldn’t figure out what I felt/wanted to say. After thinking long and hard, I think I know who I want to write about, but there is definitely more than one person responsible for me being here today. It all depended on the situation at the time.

My worst situation I must say was high school. I especially had a hard time my senior year. First off, I was living with an alcoholic dad and step mom. Eventually after new years my mom got her own place and I was able to move in with her, but still had to stay at my dad’s every other weekend. It was hell for me. Secondly, the person I thought of as my best friend (and “secret” crush) decided that “we had nothing in common anymore and no longer wanted to be friends, that he never liked me in the first place. That broke me.

Eventually I became closer to some other friends, including Maya. We started having sleepovers and she introduced me to online chatting and gaming. That is where she introduced me to Ex#2.

I must say, if it wasn’t for him, I probably would have gone nuts, or tried to hurt myself. Those thoughts used to go through my mind daily until I met him. I made it through my day and rushed home to talk to him online. I survived every other weekend at my dad’s, because I knew I would have love notes waiting for me in my email inbox, and he would be there waiting to talk to me.

There are many other people that made certain parts of my life worth living for, though. My family, friends, even Will when we were together. I think Ex#2 had the biggest impact at the time though, because that is when I felt the worst about myself.

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  1. It’s remarkable to look back at our lives and see the different ways in which people have made an impact on us. I’m not necessarily talking about a positive impact, either. Some impact us in a negative fashion as well, and it’s up to us to learn from the experience. I can think of numerous individuals – friends, lovers, family members, and even casual acquaintances – who have made a difference – mostly positive – in my own life. I am grateful to every one of them, because without their influence, even if they are no longer in the picture, the present circumstances of my life might be vastly different.

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