The Last Straw?

So the other night I was doing some Facebook stalking. On the little side bar to the right I noticed that Toby was having a comment conversation with some chick. She was asking him why hes still single and he was telling her that no girl wants to give “a nice guy a chance.” She gave him the usual “oh, you’ll find someone, blah blah blah speech.”

I just had to roll my eyes at all of this. I have given this loser plenty of chances, and he is far from a nice guy. He is a manipulator. Ironically, he ended up messaging me about an hour after my stalking was done for the time being.

The conversation started out normal enough. Then he started telling me what nice pics I took and that he still had them. I told him I hope that he was the only one to see them (while snickering to myself that I posted them for you guys). He said he wasn’t that kind of guy. He then started asking for pictures of my ass. I asked what I would get out of it, he asked what I wanted. I told him I didn’t know. He said something about wanting to take me outdoors. I refused his offer, as usual, telling him I didn’t do outdoors (lol, at least not with him).

I finally asked him straight out: “So, am I your friend, a booty call, or do you like me more than either of those?” His response pissed me off. He told me he couldn’t answer that question and that I just need to see what happens. Thats when I told him that I felt like a booty call.

He asked why I let it happen and I decided to use the wording he used with that chick just a couple hours before. I told him that I kept giving him a chance, wanting to see a change. His response? I just need to wait and see.

I got fed up and told him goodnight, that he wasn’t getting a pic of my ass. He pissed me off. I feel like I am the only one that he shows no respect to. I did nothing to deserve the way he treats me. I hate that he was my first, but whats done is done and I think its time to move on. I think this may have been the last straw.

1 thought on “The Last Straw?”

  1. Sometimes it’s just best to let things go. Not everybody is worth the time nor effort we expel. If you really want to move on from him, you’ll do what you must to make that happen, even if it means removing him from friends lists.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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