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No Consideration

Will really seems at times to have no consideration for other people’s feelings, particularly mine it seems. I started to learn this while we were together, then it really showed during the break up. Tonight I was given a huge reminder. His comment hurt so bad that I left work dry sobbing. My body wanted to cry, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I have no more tears left for that guy apparently. I suppose that’s a good thing.

So we have been getting along great lately. It doesn’t hurt to hang out with him, and we have actually been having fun in each other’s company again. Early this spring he went to a convention and met with a friend of ours. He is planning to go to the one next year. I personally am not interested in the convention, but I have always been wanting to meet this friend of ours. He liked the idea of me tagging along when I suggested it.

Will and I had a conversation that irritated the hell out of me. You see, his mom gave him a ride to the train station this year and was planning on taking him to it again next year. He mentioned to her that I might go. She made it clear that I would be very uncomfortable and cramped in the back seat. (The woman hates me, but apparently seemed indifferent about me going). This is our conversation after that point:

Him: The first thing she asked was if we were together again.

Me (not really wanting to go there):Ahh, ok.

Him: Yeah, I told her hell would freeze over first.

Me (jaw dropped mentally): Gee thanks. Thats really nice.

Him: Well, its true. I needed to get the point across to her.

Me: You could have skipped that part in telling me. It is kinda like rubbing salt in old wounds.

Him: Is it really? I thought you were over that…

Me: I am. Never mind. I will think about the trip. I have a lot to save.

Him: Okay, have a good night, take care.

After this conversation, I really don’t want to go. Especially if his mom is going to be driving us. It just doesn’t seem worth it, especially since we would be sharing a hotel room and probably a bed again. It would just bring back too many memories. Plus that woman has been a complete bitch to me (for no reason) the last year. She even told him when we were together that I was too fat to marry him. Yeah….so glad she is not my mother in law.

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