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Facts That Make Me Sound Crazy – Part 1

You know how you can say something to someone (a true fact) and they look at you like you are nuttier than squirrel shit? Yeah, I have a few of those, and one I have never told anyone. I feel like sharing it with you dear readers though. So, here it is:

My lips can tell the future. Yeah, that sounds crazy, but hear me out. My lips tingle about a week before I even know I will be kissing someone. I came up with this theory about 5 years ago and it seems to keep getting proven over and over again.

I didn’t get my first kiss until I was fifteen. It was sweet, but awkward as most first kisses go. I had been dreaming about getting my first kiss at least 4 years before it happened. Soon before the first kiss happened, my lips were tingling. I thought it was weird and never put two and two together when it finally happened. That “relationship” lasted a lifetime of 5 days. I stayed physically single for 3 years (there was an online relationship).

Before I met Ex# 3, my lips started tingling again. I still didn’t really think about it much, but soon after we became official we kissed.

I only really started to think about this “future telling” after Will and I broke up and I started dating. Before I even thought someone existed my lips would tingle. Next I ended up talking to someone online for a couple days, then meeting. We would kiss.

I truly then thought about it the last few weeks. I started really putting things together. I felt my lips tingle last week. I thought hmm, who the hell could I meet, since I have no plans on meeting anyone or going on  Craigslist. It turns out I met Salien again. He started kissing me before our date the other night.

So yeah, my lips can totally tell the future. Just saying. So when they tingle, I think now I will expect a kiss within a week or two.

**Btw, I started this post sober, but when I stared talking talking to Will, I drank more and more. I apologize for anything that does not make sense. Again, I started this post sober. I really do feel my lips tingle about a week before a kiss.**

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