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Will’s Mom

When Will and I first got together, that  woman loved me. I loved the idea of her being in the room when I gave birth to Will’s child. I saw her becoming my other best friend, my other mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but we have a rocky relationship. I saw this woman becoming my other mom. The mom I was closest to, would tell anything to.

However, about a year ago I had a conversation with Will. I saw a baby on TV and told him that I looked forward to kids more and more each day. He in turn told me that “him and his mom discussed it and both agreed that I need to lose weight before we got married.”

I was dumbstruck. Who in their right mind would say that? When did it become her business what my weight was? Yeah, I am big, but she is not one to talk. She is no skinny mini herself. I was pissed at him and her, but dropped the subject. My weight was a sensitive topic, and still kind of is.

So, a few months before the break up she became really rude to me. Like her attitude about me completely shifted. When Will and I would go up there in the mornings to help her, she would just give me the cold shoulder. I would tell her to have a good day (sincerely) and she would say in an irritated tone “yeah, thanks.” Another time I asked where something  was and she waited a few minutes to respond, then randomly said (moving her arms in an eerie manor) “It’s gooone.”

After the break up it took Will a few weeks to tell her. When he finally did, her response was, “I told you so.” What the fuck did she tell him? He decided it was a bad idea to tell me and quit talking about it, refusing to tell me. He changed the subject.

The other day she made it clear that I would be very uncomfortable if I went on a road trip with them as a friend. Tonight he rescinded his invitation to go with him, travel wise, though more than welcome to meet up. Thats when I brought my confusion with her up and it almost started a fight.

I asked what I did to piss that woman off. Instead of answering me, he told me to drop it, in the same irritated tone he used when we were breaking up. I guess I will never know what the hell I ever did to Will’s mom to piss her off. Though, it must be good if he is ashamed to tell me.

2 thoughts on “Will’s Mom”

  1. Its hard to know what to say when not knowing all the facts, accept it was cruel what she did to you and it seems premeditated to me. Perhaps it was a case of being two faced when she thought her son was going to be with you for life, then showing her true colours when it didnt work out.

    Im pretty sure her plan would have been to work on you slowly, pretend to be your friend and try to change you to the kind of woman SHE thought was right for her son.

    As for will…it seems to me that hes thinking through his mother and not with his own mind. I admit i could be wrong, but it sounds like she wears the pants and he follows. Shes messes with him, then he messes with you.

    Your better off being away from the situation entirely, fresh start.
    Aim higher, dont look back:).

  2. I have got to agree with what promethien said. Will’s mom seems like the type who controls and will seems willing enough to be controlled. Between the two of the them, it seems, your happiness didn’t stand much of a chance.
    You are so much better off without them!

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