Reader Question – What Sexual Act or Feeling Have I Enjoyed the Most

As I said in my last post, a reader asked me a couple of questions to help give me writing inspiration. This questions asks, “What sexual act or feeling have you had that you enjoyed most? And which act/feeling that you gave a partner did you enjoy giving most?”

Honestly, sorry for sounding so mushy here, but my favorite feeling of all time (both giving and receiving) is love. I am a sentimental person, so that is one of my most cherished feelings (or acts) in a relationship. Yes, I enjoy the thrill or casual sex, but sex with love is so much more special (especially since I barely got to enjoy it before it was taken away).

As far as sexual acts, I must say, I love kissing. Kissing and nuzzling on my neck and ears drives me wild. I also love the feeling of someone’s hands running up and down my naked body, admiring me, telling me how sexy I am. I also love the intimacy of sex itself, especially missionary position. I get a chance to watch their face as they reach climax, as well as kiss.

When it comes to giving, I love performing oral. I have had a fair share amount of experience when it comes to giving guys head, and only one female (for not very long sadly). I love the control I have. I love the trust that the other person has in me, and how vulnerable they are. I really look forward to the day that I get to enjoy another woman’s pussy.

I also enjoy the intimacy of swallowing. Though really, it depends on the taste for me. I have found that the guy eating fruits (pineapple) or drinking sugar free water/enhancer combos (Crystal Light) make the cum taste much sweeter and more pleasant to swallow. I have tasted one guy that I could not swallow for the life of me and had to spit it out every time (he ate a lot of fast foods, sodas, and TV dinners).

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