Review – Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind

I offered to review the book by Shanna Katz: Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind. I found this book very fun and informative to read. Those are a great combination to me because I am a picky reader, but once I find something I like I can’t put it down. This book does that that for me. The pictures were just a bonus.

The book is separated into chapters: Introduction, (1) Anatomy, (2) Communication, (3) General How To, (4) Positions, (5) Advanced Positions, (6) 68 and 69 Positions, (7) Post-Coital Cuddles. The pages within show two models (male and female, the same two models throughout the book) in intimate positions, either just touching her or the woman receiving cunnilingus.

Spaced throughout the book are pages with information on “busted vagina myths,” safer sex tips, lubrication, and toys. I think the only complaint I have about the “extra information” pages was that when reading a section on communication (for example) and the page would turn to the extra information, kind of cutting off sentences. This was made up for by at the page ending on communication having a side note saying what page the text continues on.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book to people interested in giving (or even receiving) cunnilingus. Along with being informative and fun, the pictures were sexy and tasteful.

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