Reader Question – What Do I Think of the Male P-Spot

I got another reader question, this time asking me what I thought about the male p-spot (prostate).

If that is something my partner is into or wants to try, I would definitely give it a shot. I mean, its not something that gets me super excited, but I am all for trying things at least once. Who knows, I might end up loving it.

I have never stuck my finger up a guy’s ass, or anything for that matter. I have however played a bit with Forbidden Fruit’s ass a bit, but never penetrated. We came close to using a dildo and my strap on on him, but the dildo was too bendy and would not insert. I definitely like the idea of wearing my strap on and fucking him from behind though.

I find it fascinating that a guy can cum just from prostate stimulation, and an even stronger one than a regular orgasm too. That’s pretty hot.

2 thoughts on “Reader Question – What Do I Think of the Male P-Spot”

  1. My strongest orgasms have come from Mrs. AP massaging my prostate with 2 or 3 fingers inside my ass while she strokes and sucks my cock. I explode with the force of a tank. It’s incredible. I highly recommend it.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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