I never really listened to podcasts until a few weeks ago. I just never found anything I liked. I did listen to one by a romance writer but stopped after she just reposted the old stuff with a few edits here and there (with only 9 casts or so total). Finally, I found some podcasts I can’t get enough of.

The first one I found by reading about other bloggers listening to the podcasts. Masocast. is great. I personally have not done anything kinky (this cast is all about it), but it makes me want to explore and experiment. I love the interviews that he has with fellow bloggers, doms, and more. I feel like I learn a lot from this cast.

The other podcasts I discovered is Wholesome Addiction. These guys are awesome. They talk all things sex (and if you know me, I can relate to a lot of the stuff they mention). I first found out about them when I was browsing through Bi_and_Bi’s blog. I love the stories they talk about, their sense of humor matches mine (very pervy), and they are just funny.

I am so glad I found these podcasts. They have both entertained and enlightened me.

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  1. I’m such a dork, I didn’t even know what a Podcast was until I started blogging last year. Or maybe that means I am just old.

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