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September 2012


  As of 09-08-12 I have been blogging for four years (with a small break here and there). I feel like my blog has come a long way. I originally started my blog with the inspiration of getting free sex toys for reviewing. It didn’t take long for things to evolve. I blog now so that I have an outlet. A place where I can share my experiences so that… Read More »Blogversary

Podcast Part 2

Last Thursday (09-06-12) Wholesome Addiction came out with Podcast #35. In that cast, they mention my story, Birthday Sex. I loved hearing what they had to say about it. In the podcast they also talk about sex news, porn hotness, and sex in freaky places. Thanks guys!

Sinful Sunday – Browsing

I was browsing through my sent mail and found some VERY naughty pictures. They were pictures that I thought I had lost during my brief period of not blogging. I got very wet and excited when I saw these, remembering exactly when I had them taken. They were from when I was playing with Sarah, or really, she was playing with me. You can read the post here. Bent over… Read More »Sinful Sunday – Browsing


A build up of events the last week and a half had left me feeling broken. Lack of sleep had helped put me in kind of a depression. I was unmotivated to do anything besides sleep and play video games. The only things that got me out of the house was work (because I have to paid time off accrued), hanging out with some friends from work, and grocery shopping.… Read More »Broken


There a lot of times I just feel inferior. The adjective definition of “inferior” is “lower in rank, status, or quality.” I feel inferior when I am at my job (there is not a lot of respect going to the janitorial staff). I feel inferior when I see someone better looking than me (skinnier, longer hair, no glasses, etc) (though I know everyone has their own attractions). In my sophomore… Read More »Inferior

TMI Tuesday – Cum, Are You a Fan?

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions come from the wacky, inventive, and sexually creative mind of the late phoenix. Cum, are you a fan? 1. We are all incurable sex addicts, but name one thing—a job, a passion, a creative outlet, a collection—of yours you use as a replacement, a distraction from constantly thinking about sex 24/7. This one I had to think about for a while. I am going to… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Cum, Are You a Fan?

Easy to Read

I have always been a bad liar. I am even worse at hiding my emotions (situation pending). Lately this has become a problem, leading to some very awkward discussions and weired out coworkers. My coworkers know how to push the right buttons to make me flustered. They know what embarrasses me, but most of the time they are just joking and I give myself away. For example, a few weeks… Read More »Easy to Read