Still Alive…

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I just haven’t had much motivation to do anything. There is light at the end of the tunnel however. I am scheduled for a tonsillectomy on the 11th. I am so excited. It will be so nice to eat, sleep, and breathe normal again.

Please stay with me, while my next few posts will probably just be memes, as my creative energy is quite depleted.
As a side note, as of  Halloween I will have been single for a year. I feel like Will and I have come a long way since the break up. He actually listens to me now, and we can hang out without wanting to rip the other’s head off. He still sometimes says things that he shouldn’t, but it is a lot better than  it used to be.

On an even happier note, I have a pattern of meeting new boyfriends a little more than a year after a break up. I can’t wait to see if that pattern continues by the next few months. I am definitely ready for a new person in my life. I miss having someone to share my day with, someone to support me, be there for me and vice versa.

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