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Catch Up

So I haven’t posted in over a month, and October saw only 2 posts. That makes me said. The truth is though, I just had no motivation to write.

A week after my last post I had my super enlarged tonsils removed. The doctor said they were almost as big as golf balls. Click the links to see them (before) and (after) removal. I was off work for two weeks, and in that time I spent it either sleeping, playing WoW, eating ice cream, watching netflix, or a combination of sorts. Thank you to those that checked up on me via twitter.

The day I had them out I was released. Salien was awesome and came to stay with me (as I was not supposed to be alone and roommate wasn’t home). We spent the night cuddling and sleeping. It was very comforting. The rest of my time off I had my roommate’s mom’s dog to keep me company.

A week after going back to work I got a really bad pain in my right side. While at work I started feeling nauseous. I started worrying about my appendix, thinking it would just be ironic if I heal from getting my tonsils out and then have to turn around and get my appendix out. Luckily I did not get sick nor did I have a fever. However, the pain lasted two days (and counting), but the second day I got my period. I haven’t had one in over a year because of the birth control I was on (and went off recently because of the lack of sex in my life).

Once I realized what was going on I started getting somewhat normal cramps. Unfortunately this all got figured out right before work. My fast solution to cramps? Masturbate to orgasm. I did just that, making myself late for work by 20 minutes. However, it was so worth it because the cramps did not come back til right before I went home that night. Sadly, that was orgasm 100! I promis to make a video once auntie flow leaves the building. 😉

Anywho, I really wanted to do the TMI Tuesdays while I was out, but I just could not find the energy. So, I really hope its ok if I just put them all into one post, my next post.

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