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TMI Tuesday (Make up)

1. Tell us about your sluttiest act ever.

It was definitely 10-28-09 when I had sex with D in the woods when I didn’t even know his name. All I knew that I was horny and he was a friend of a friend.

2. Have you ever played air-guitar. . .naked?


3. To what song do you most like to play air-guitar either clothed or naked?


4. Are you good in bed? Why?

I would say I am great at giving head. However, I am probably a really boring fuck. I tend to just lay there, letting the guy do the work, just feeling it. I do moan when it feels really good or I am not worried about noise. Plus I just feel awkward when I have sex, because in reality I haven’t had that much sex. I have blown more guys than I have fucked. Practice makes perfect though. 😉

5. What FEELS Sexy to you–tactile sensation? (Leave sight and taste out of this)

I love feeling hands and lips exploring me.

Bonus: Write a six word autobiography.

Had a fulfilling sex life. Literally.

1.     Have you ever had a friendship with a someone where you secretly (or not so secretly) desired them?

Yes, in high school I tended to have crushes on my guy friends. I did not yet know how to separate the two.

2.     Are you prone to jealousy, suspicion or insecurity when your partner spends time with an attractive close friend without you? Why?

Very unfortunately, but yes I am very familiar with all of the above. that is one thing I desperately want/need to overcome.

3.     Has a previously platonic friendship ever bloomed into a sexual relationship?

Yes, I would suppose so.

4.     Have you ever remained close friends with an ex-lover?

I am still somewhat close to Will.We can still only take each other in small doses. There are 2 days where I really hope I don’t ever see him, the day he broke up with me (Halloween) and our used to be anniversary (11-23).

Bonus:  Have you ever developed feelings for a “friend with benefits”? How did it develop, unfold, resolve?

I came close to developing feelings for D, but I never really truly did. I am glad for that, as I don’t think we are compatible emotionally.

1. What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 17 year old you?

The fact that I didn’t wait til marriage for sex, and it wasn’t special even.

2. What one thing might shock that younger you?

The fact that I have had multiple partners. Even multiple people at one time (Threesome for the win!)

3. What part of the younger you’s (not necessarily at age 17) sex life do you look back on with the most nostalgia?

Ha, none of it! I grew up way too sheltered. I didn’t truly know what an orgasm was until I was 17.

4. Is there anything in the younger you’s sexual ambitions or fantasies you have not yet fulfilled?

I want to be tied up and tie someone else up. I also want to really truly explore a woman.

Bonus:  Give your 17 year old self a piece of sexual advice.

Vibrating bullets are your friend!

1. What is the longest relationship you have been in?

Just short of 2 years.

2. What is the shortest relationship you have been in?

5 days

3. How often do you have sex? How often do you want sex?

I have sex once every few months. I want it every day.

4. How long does sex usually last?

Sadly, actual PIV for me has always been only about 5 minutes, never longer than that, most of the time shorter. However, I have sucked cock for 45, eager to go longer.

5. Have you ever had an experience where someone couldn’t perform, finished too quickly or couldn’t keep up with you? Tell us about it?

They have always finished too quickly.

6. If you could only have one “type” of sexual encounter for the rest of your life, would you prefer
a) short and sweet
b) wham bam thank you ma’am
c) here for the long haul
d) slow and tender

Slow and tender, no questions about it.

Bonus: Would you consider ending an otherwise healthy and loving relationship if the sex wasn’t what you wanted?

I have been in one and I stayed with him. I am not sure if I could handle that again though.

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