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Dry Spell

Today marks 6 long months of no sex. The last time I did anything with anyone was my super hot birthday sex with D. After a while I just stopped feeling sexy, making me not feeling very motivated to write. Hence the silence on here.

I still read blogs, I still check and post on twitter. I just don’t have anything to write about.

Last month however kind of opened the sexy door back up. I began texting with a friend, and it quickly turned dirty. We talked about a possible threesome with his wife and I took some naughty pics for them. Unfortunately that is all it got to. They got busy and we kinda lost touch again.

This dry spell really sucks. I have forgotten what sex feels like. I miss playing with a nice hard cock, whether in my mouth, hands, or pussy. I go through waves of horniness. One day I feel fine and don’t care either way, the next I feel like jumping anything with a dick.

Tonight is definitely a jump anyone night. Here’s to hoping that changes soon. Honestly though, I kind of hope that (if it happens soon) that it is with a boyfriend. I have a couple of dates lined up, so who knows what will happen. If its not with a boyfriend, I am sure it will make a nice story on the blog.

Here’s to (unfortunately) sporadic posts for now.

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