April 2013

Webcam Play Pt. 1

He logged into Skype during my night off. I was surprised to see him on, since he is normally at work during this time. I messaged him, and he said he was on his phone at work. We chatted back and forth, but at some point things turned naughty (though I don’t quite remember how). He asked if I wanted a picture. I said sure, though behind the screen I… Read More »Webcam Play Pt. 1

Buzz Kill

The other morning I was having trouble getting to sleep. My cure all is always to masturbate, whether I have cramps, a headache, sore, depressed, trouble sleeping, etc. I got my batteries and my bullet and went to town, watching a porn clip to speed up the orgasmic process. I’m was just getting into what I was doing, feeling really good. I look up to the ceiling because I saw… Read More »Buzz Kill

TMI Tuesday – College Stereotypes

Thanks to our prolific TMI friend virtualsin for this week’s TMI Tuesday … College Stereotypes 1) Have you ever been sexiled? (To be sexiled is to be denied the use of your room, usually dorm room, because someone is having sex there.) I have actually. A few years ago I was at lunch with a friend and my mom’s friend texted me (that was staying with us) asking me to… Read More »TMI Tuesday – College Stereotypes


When I was younger (In college) one of my favorite things to do was call a friend while I masturbated. The catch was that they did not know what I was doing. It was kind of an exercise in concentration. I would get as close as I could to orgasm while having normal conversation. No heavy breathing, moaning, or stopping in the middle of a sentence. That would just lead… Read More »Ninja