When I was younger (In college) one of my favorite things to do was call a friend while I masturbated. The catch was that they did not know what I was doing. It was kind of an exercise in concentration. I would get as close as I could to orgasm while having normal conversation. No heavy breathing, moaning, or stopping in the middle of a sentence. That would just lead to awkward explanations.

The key was to get them talking as much as I could. Ask them their day, have them share their problems, etc. When I got close to orgasm and make up some excuse as to why I had to go. As soon as I hung up I would orgasm. They never suspected a thing.

I got on Skype on my iPad this morning just to check something. A friend saw that I was on that I have not talked to in a while. They asked if a call was ok. I said sure. The call turned into a group call because a mutual friend was also on.

It was past my bed time. They were pretty involved in their conversation and I had an urge. I wanted to bring back the old days where I masturbated while voice chatting, seeing how sneaky and quiet I could be. This time though, I set a new challenge for myself. I would orgasm while still in the call, being as quiet as possible.

I got somewhat close several times. I let them chat amongst themselves, only adding a bit here and there. They had no clue, and it was hot. At the same time I was talking dirty over twitter with a friend, talking about our fantasy of one day helping each other out.

Unfortunately one friend soon had to go about their day and get off Skype. That meant it was up to me to carry conversation. I got the friend still in chat to start talking about the new games they have been playing. I was starting to get sleepy and feeling the need to orgasm, though no where close to either goal of sleep.

I finally decided to get off the Skype chat and just concentrate on getting my orgasm so that I could go to sleep. I said goodbyes and left the call, logging out. I found a porno on my phone and came fast, easy, and hard not long after. Sleep happened as soon as my toy was put away.

I really want to get back into my old game of calling a friend and masturbate while chatting with them. Unfortunately it is so difficult these days, with me working graveyard and on a totally different schedule than anyone else. I prefer to masturbate early in the morning after I get off. When I wake up I like to play my video games until its time for work. On my days off I just play my games. I definitely plan to fit more masturbation (with a challenge) somewhere in there. I just need a friend to call while I do it. 😉


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  1. neroblogshere@gmail.com

    Very interesting! Where you chatting with guys or girls, and does that make a difference to whether you masturbate or not? Or is it simply that they don’t know what youre doing that gets you off? These days they call it ‘edging’ – I bet you had fantastic orgasms once you were able to get off the phone and finish masturbating! 
    This post was from 2013 – have you ever tried going out in public with one of those tiny remote controlled vibes in your underwear?

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