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May 15, 2013

Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex

We all know that sex is a wonderful thing. It can bring on a great rush of adrenaline, euphoria, and many other good for you hormones. It can put you in a great mood, and depending on your surroundings it can last all day, all week, or even longer. That being said, there are lots of different types of sex. The main ones on my mind lately are good sex,… Read More »Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex

Moving On

Sometimes I wonder if Will ever misses me, misses what we had. He seemed so lonely the other night when he came over to hang out. I got the feeling that he was avoiding having to leave when he kept finding things to talk about. He ended up staying til two in the morning, several hours longer than either of us planned. When he hugs me goodbye I get the… Read More »Moving On