Who’s Counting

This weeks TMI questions were asked by me this week. Sorry I am late in posting.

1. Do you/have you ever kept track of the number or people you have been with?

Yes, I do. It is fun sometimes to look back over it.

2. To get specific, How many people have you –

a. slept with

I have had standard PIV with 5 guys.

b. kissed (in a romantic way, obviously)

I have kissed and been kissed by 19 people ( both men and women).

c. given oral to

I have given head to 11 people. 10 guys and 1 woman.

d. received oral from

Only 5 people have went down on me.

E. had anal with

I have only received anal from one person.

3. What is the most amount of people you have been with at one time? (twosome, threesome, foursome, etc)

I have only had threesomes, but someday I would love to have a foursome or more.

4. Have you ever had multiple partners in the same day, just different times? (One person in the morning, another at lunch, and one at dinner, etc)

Sadly no, but I think that would be a fun and interesting experience.

Bonus: Describe your best multiple person encounter, either something that actually happened or one that you would want to happen. Or both.

Real – my best multiple person encounter was the time I had a MMF threesome. It was so unexpected but so hot and sexy.

Fantasy – I would love to experience an orgy, as well as being spit roasted. Honestly though, my multiple people fantasies are endless. I have a lot.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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