December 2013

Turn Ons (in more depth)

A while back I wrote a short list of things that turn me on. I feel like I should elaborate on them, share what they do to me. – My neck being kissed/nibbled on – If you want to get me started, make me grow some courage, this is the thing to do. I get handsy and my breathing gets heavier after a sharp intake of breath. I also start… Read More »Turn Ons (in more depth)

Curiosity with Pee

It started with just a curiosity of wanting to aim a guy’s dick while he pissed. I finally got the chance one day with D after we had sex. He asked if I wanted to and I jumped at the chance. I felt awkward as hell as I did it, but I enjoyed it. I loved watching the stream come out, starting slow by dribbling out, then a steady flow,… Read More »Curiosity with Pee

It’s been a while….

So, it has been a long ass time since I updated. I guess the biggest excuse is that I just didn’t have anything to write about. I gave up dating for a bit after the J incident. I went a year, one month, and eighteen days with no sex or play of any kind. D messaged me one day out of the blue and helped me break my dry spell.… Read More »It’s been a while….