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It started with just a curiosity of wanting to aim a guy’s dick while he pissed. I finally got the chance one day with D after we had sex. He asked if I wanted to and I jumped at the chance. I felt awkward as hell as I did it, but I enjoyed it. I loved watching the stream come out, starting slow by dribbling out, then a steady flow, until it ended by dribbling out again. I shook it a few times for effect, all the while thinking of the expression “Shake it more than twice you are playing with it.”

I started looking up porn of guys peeing. I found it incredibly hot to see the guy whip his dick out, aim, and flow. I got incredibly turned on when I watched them put their dicks away. I wasn’t sure why, but I wanted to see more.

I started searching for blogs that talked about play with pee. I got turned on just reading them, thinking about the idea of a warm stream hitting me, soaking me. I then found a post talking about male pee desperation. I did more searching for porn and found a video of a guy trying to hold it in, struggling and moaning. Short bursts of piss would come out of his dick and you could hear more moaning and profanities.

Throughout the video his dick would bounce around as he squeezed his PC muscles to hold it in. I got so wet seeing that. Eventually he can’t hold it anymore and he just lets go. As soon as he lets go, I come hard and fast. It took me years to get to squirt again, but I do when I watch these videos.

I have a lot of gay golden shower videos bookmarked. I still get a little squicked out when I see someone drinking the piss, but I love to watch that hot stream come out. I especially love piss and bukkake together.

I have yet to be pissed on, and at this point I would only want it to happen with the right person and in the shower (so that there is no mess), but I definitely want it to happen.

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